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Coldest. Advice. Ever.

The Roissy/Heartiste blog (link below) is not a warm and inviting spot on the Manosphere. It’s a cold, heartless, and cynical place. It’s also the source of amazing truths regarding relationships ‘twixt men and women. The comments are astoundingly good and a rich source of savage, Red Pill wisdom.

Here’s your sign (link below):

My advice. If you want to develop the right attitude towards women, and are a beta, try this. If you have a pretty good girlfriend, no real faults, and maybe you like her quite a bit. A keeper, of sorts. Just dump her one day. Out of the blue. No explanations. Just get your stuff and go. No further contact. You will feel like such a son of a bitch, you will fundamentally alter your self image. You are heartless, after all. Then, child, you will be ready to take on the world, women included. The guilt goes away and life is better in every way. Not kidding.

The woman can be replaced.

I do know a 23 year old who has a boyfriend. She remarked to me: “When I am through with this boyfriend, I am going to date money.”

She’s a nice kid, too.

As the milk of human kindness is still a proportion of my blood, I’m not going to recommend this advice to every guy. But let’s face it, such an approach builds the kind of emotional strength a guy needs when dealing with women and relationships. It’s the ultimate frame-building exercise.

Here’s the vastly ugly truth: “The woman can be replaced.” That’s analogous to a woman flipping through online dating profiles and finding the slimmest of reasons to reject a man’s profile. The gander has learned from the goose.

Welcome to Dating 2.0…

I’ll be poolside.


Heartiste: Spot The Beta Male Tell Comment


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19 thoughts on “Coldest. Advice. Ever.

  1. Truth is truth whether it’s put nicely or brutally.

  2. As much as I hate Roissy for being a cheating blogger,I’ve always said(despite my rants on him)that I almost agree with everything I ever read from him.

    How many other dudes can say that[that they agree almost 100% with the insights of a guy they don’t like]?

  3. andrewmichaelmedina on said:

    I don’t know, that fake engagement ring tactic is pretty cold too….

  4. Roissy is the man. He uses insight and reason like a scalpel, and peels away the layers of our illusions, until only the ugly truth remains. He’s the Lex Luthor of the Manosphere.

  5. deti on said:

    This is the one manosphere deti-coined phrase:

    There Will Always Be Another Woman.

    It’s a hell of a thing to realize, but — even a wife can be replaced. If she leaves me, she can be replaced.

    If she divorces me, she can be replaced.

    Cynical? yeah. Cold? yeah.

    But I had to realize it, know it, and internalize it.

  6. greenlander on said:

    Dumping an attractive girl for no reason will improve your frame tremendously. It did mine.

  7. Chewie on said:

    Yes. I did this a while back. Her and I had gotten along fine; we never had any fights and she was nice to have over on the weekends. But after a while, I sensed our lives were moving in different directions and what we had going couldn’t last forever, so I ended it. It’s like that old line, “quit while you’re ahead.” One of us would leave one another eventually for whatever reason. It’s better to leave on your terms than on hers and better still to leave before you BOTH sense the relationship’s going downhill.

  8. Brian on said:

    I know Roissy’s blog has had a huge effect on me, both with women and my job. I was recently dating a bomb shell for about 8 months. The longer we dated, the more I knew any real commitment was a bad risk for me. But she was breaking out the A game in bed to try to rope me in, in part to provide a dad for her illegitimate son I am sure. She finally blew up and tried to shame me into marriage, because I showed no sign of going along with her desired timeline. Less than two weeks later I was hooking up with a barely legal redhead and an Italian. A few years ago, I probably would have caved due to “oneitis”.

    They can all be replaced. Not one of them is the special snowflake they see themselves to be, and few are worth any form of commitment at all.

    • This is such a perfect story to support the concept that women are the gatekeepers to sexuality while men are the gatekeepers to commitment. For each man who understands and internalizes this concept is a man who has taken the Red Pill.

      • Brian on said:

        One of the biggest eye openers for me, when it comes to situations like this, was a post at Heartiste about marriage being the ultimate shit test. If you let her bully you into it, you failed, and your life is over.

        If you let her shame you into that, she knows she can shame you into anything, and she owns you.

  9. P Ray on said:

    The easiest way to become this cold is to remember how badly a girl eviscerated a guy in public that she didn’t like.
    Put yourself in the shoes of that guy.
    Want to bet he didn’t learn up to become a raging “player”?
    The men that women complain about are either:
    1. the ones that cheat on them or
    2. the ones they want to be with.
    not the ones they actively hate: women do not talk about those men, except at feminist gatherings.
    I doubt they go there for the purpose of picking up men.

  10. someguy302004 on said:

    Haha. Awesome.

    At the slightest sense of headache, I drop whoever is giving me guff. Life is too short.

    I am ok with being a bachelor.

  11. Mike on said:

    If you like yourself, you don’t “need” a steady woman. There are plenty who will bend over when you knock on their doors, even if you’ve dumped them before. As for women looking for money, they get what they deserve. I’ve been banging twentysomething submissives for years who thought they’d found a sugar daddy.

  12. Crank on said:

    While I’m not entirely sure I like the advice, it has some merit. If a woman no longer has any use for you, she will dump you with no compunction or genuine concern for you feelings. For some reason, she might not like or even feel badly that your feelings are hurt, but your feelings will still have absolutely no bearing on whether or not she chooses to dump you.

    Conversely, men tend to weigh heavily the feelings and concerns of the woman when deciding whether to continue. That’s not the only thing they factor in, but for most guys (i.e., beta guys), it will be a substantial factor. This might desensitize a guy to her feelings on the topic to some degree.

    • Brian on said:

      They will dump or divorce you the second they think they can do better without you, and turn cold so fast it can shock you the first time it happens. As Rollo has put it, “hypergamy doesn’t care about you”

      Just remember when she goes from fine, to mad to “you are dead to me” in the course of an hour, it’s not because of something you did; that is just how most women are.

    • Crank on said:

      Yikes. I need a proof reader.

  13. someguy302004 on said:

    Women are cold, so why not?

    I ran into this “how to spot a female player” list

    And I think that the key points fit with what is repeated here

    – use of the word “maybe” or “perhaps” in date offer responses
    — flaking, flaking, and more flaking
    — Over scheduled/ artificial competition
    — pretentious — “my job is so important”, etc

    combine these with lack of feminity and, voila, the modern woman!

  14. I hate this truth and with each truth I re-learn, I start to feel disappointed. However, I would rather live the ugly truth than a pretty lie.

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