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Coldest. Advice. Ever.

The Roissy/Heartiste blog (link below) is not a warm and inviting spot on the Manosphere. It’s a cold, heartless, and cynical place. It’s also the source of amazing truths regarding relationships ‘twixt men and women. The comments are astoundingly good and a rich source of savage, Red Pill wisdom.

Here’s your sign (link below):

My advice. If you want to develop the right attitude towards women, and are a beta, try this. If you have a pretty good girlfriend, no real faults, and maybe you like her quite a bit. A keeper, of sorts. Just dump her one day. Out of the blue. No explanations. Just get your stuff and go. No further contact. You will feel like such a son of a bitch, you will fundamentally alter your self image. You are heartless, after all. Then, child, you will be ready to take on the world, women included. The guilt goes away and life is better in every way. Not kidding.

The woman can be replaced.

I do know a 23 year old who has a boyfriend. She remarked to me: “When I am through with this boyfriend, I am going to date money.”

She’s a nice kid, too.

As the milk of human kindness is still a proportion of my blood, I’m not going to recommend this advice to every guy. But let’s face it, such an approach builds the kind of emotional strength a guy needs when dealing with women and relationships. It’s the ultimate frame-building exercise.

Here’s the vastly ugly truth: “The woman can be replaced.” That’s analogous to a woman flipping through online dating profiles and finding the slimmest of reasons to reject a man’s profile. The gander has learned from the goose.

Welcome to Dating 2.0…

I’ll be poolside.


Heartiste: Spot The Beta Male Tell Comment

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