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Off Topic, Sort Of… A PDF Book

It’s an entire book and Charisma (Game) is a strong theme. It’s not edited, only linked. If the author wants me to pull it, I’ll pull it. I’ve read a bunch of it. Of course, I love this type of writing.

The Hunt


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5 thoughts on “Off Topic, Sort Of… A PDF Book

  1. RufusT on said:

    In Other news: The career of San Francisco Giants Third Basemen Pablo Sandoval is in jeopardy after a women who had consensual sex with him now wants him charged with sexual assault claiming she was too drunk to give consent …….I’m reminded of that great Jack Nicholson line in the film; “As Good As It Gets”; that women are simply men “minus logic and accountability”.

  2. I had to interrupt my reading of Mark Twain but I am half way through The Hunt and realizing how inadequate my charisma is. One of the most obvious lessons I like is to wait to go to college, by getting some important adventure or work skills, and then enter the college environment as more of a man instead of being so young that 3/4 of the women are older than a 17 year old. Enjoying the story very much, thanks for finding it, but I Googled the title and author without success so how in the world did you locate this thing?

  3. Trouble on said:

    A pickup manual in fiction format. Similar to Neil Stauss book. Highly recommended and hope the author has more coming.

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