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The Manosphere yields some terrifically thoughtful blogs and comments. It’s spectacular that men are abundantly sharing truths and Red Pill wisdom. It’s even better that it’s mostly behind the media scene. Ian Ironwood – that wordy fellow – posted about masculinity being a pathology (link below). That post yielded an incredible comment [with some editing]:

Male liberation has arrived. It’s just that male liberation doesn’t look like (for everyone) changing the nappies with a smile, being a supportive kitchen bitch to Sally Ballbuster breadwinner wife, or learning to live an a puppy-dog egalitarian (read: female led) relationship. More often it means video games and Sports Center and playoff tickets and riding motorcycles and on and on.

Just as liberation for women meant that their traditional roles were now optional, liberation for men means the same thing – but that doesn’t mean that men are “liberated” to become “male wives” and “male mommies”, taking on the roles that women were liberated from (doesn’t sound much like liberation for men, does it?), but that men are liberated from having the expectation of having any role or responsibility at all other than those voluntarily undertaken.

That is the mirror image of female liberation, and it is already happening – and the feminists and their whiteknight supporters hate it because it isn’t what they wanted for men.


Men have indeed been liberated. Sadly, most men consider liberation as the process of becoming Mr. Mom or Sir Kitchen Bitch, as the comment states. Red Pill men have learned that such liberation is about choosing what is right for them, not the expected life script as determined by the broken social contract ‘twixt the genders (link below).

Male liberation has produced three primary unintended consequences:

Pick Up Artistry (PUA)

Men’s Rights Activism (MRA)

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

I won’t provide the background information on those. Do some digging. It will be elucidating. There are other results to men’s liberation which are typically denigrated as puerile. Guess what? That’s choice in action. When women make choices, it’s empowering. When men make choices, it’s immature and selfish. Guess what? Tough shit. Tear up one side of a contract and the other side can be torn up, too.

It took quite awhile for men’s liberation to reach this point. Men had to suffer the indignities of becoming the Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG) back in the 80s and 90s. But when the Internet took off – I was there, it was cool – and men could share information, the Red Pill seed was planted and it’s yielding excellent results. Hypergamy? That word is reaching the mainstream media because of Manosphere communication.

Men’s liberation can only continue to gather momentum. Men are free. Most of them simply don’t know it.

The Red Pill Room

The Broken Gender Social Contract

Why Feminists Hate Us

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16 thoughts on “Liberation!

  1. Thanks for the shout-out, PM. Link to the article is here:

    And the comment really did throw my head in some interesting directions. “Men’s Lib” has always been seen as a kind of backwards-feminism, the assumption that men needed “liberating” from the boardroom to enjoy the quiet, stress-free life of a househusband or secondary support for a woman’s career. But the fact is, “Men’s Lib” is truly about our liberation from social expectations — particularly the expectations of women.

    And once you quit placing women’s social expectations about you at the center of your universe . . . things become incredibly clear for you. Your motivations become more pure and authentic, you consider your self-interest before how what you do will affect the women in your life, and you are free to pursue . . . whatever the hell you want. Part and parcel of that is the “puerile” behavior condemned by feminists, ironically enough. Puerile (from the Latin puer, “boy”) behavior, that is, pretty much anything the guys on Workoholics do, is “male liberation”.

    The fact that a dude can live a pretty decent standard of living for comparatively moderate salary in this day and age means that it often makes more sense to coast on a $35k J-O-B and fill your weekends and weeknights with an orgy of videogame violence, cheap beer, motorcycle racing, and the occasional tasteful gentleman’s establishment for a decade or more than to push into higher and higher levels of corporate achievement in pursuit of the illusion of “success”.

    Go read this enlightening article on feminism’s idea of the future:

    Note that during the entire fantasy, the assumption is that working mothers all have husbands at home. The feminist picture of your future includes just this kind of Kitchen Slave White Knight in the background, gracefully sacrificing his own interests in order to advance his wife’s career. Indeed, the entire feminist future involves husbands (or ex-husbands) gracefully sacrificing against their own interest. But what happens when there just are no husbands to speak of any more? What does feminism’s future look like when the corporate world they see as a battlefield is staffed with feminist-oriented single women on one side, and riotous, crude, and unambitious Puerarchs on the other?

    Men’s liberation may well be the tree that springs from the fertile soil of the Manosphere. Considering the usual “feminist life plan” usually looks something like this:

    18 yo – College
    (College Carousel riding)
    22 yo – Grad School
    (“serious boyfriend”)
    25 yo – Entry Level corporate job
    (Return of the Carousel/possible period of celibacy)
    30 yo – Middle Management
    (“Meet Mr. Right”)
    35 yo – Upper Management/Corporate Success
    36 yo – Marriage counseling
    (first child)
    38 yo First Divorce
    (second child)
    39 yo – Meet Mr. Eat, Pray Love
    (Happily ever after)

    And of course this little life action plan plum ignores the fact that a woman’s most fertile years are in her early twenties. And that her timer runs out sometime around 40-50, her chances of conception beginning to look like lottery odds. Up to now, the male version of this life plan roughly parallels this track, although there are usually a couple of extra years of college fun (backpacking through Europe, taking a year off to experiment with drugs, civil war recreation) that put the dudes a few years ahead of their female contemporaries. But that was it. The expectation was that you’d get married, have kids, get divorced, get bitter, get remarried. The Feminist Utopia.


    Now that the Red Pill is starting to get passed around, dudes can view their new Red Pill Life Plan ™ thusly:

    18 yo – college/military/techschool
    (videogames, beer, bang hot babes)
    22 yo – travel/first career as pro skateboarder
    (videogames, beer, bang hot babes)
    25 yo – travel/second career as bartender in Caribbean beach bar
    (videogames, beer, bang hot babes)
    30 yo – travel/third career as lumberjack/deep sea fisherman/oil field roughneck
    (videogames, beer, bang hot babes)
    35 yo – travel/use insider trading buddy/Vegas streak/pan for gold to pile up a nest egg
    (videogames, beer, bang hot babes)
    40 yo – start thinking about marriage and family with hot, loyal, and sexually adventurous devoted girlfriend, 27 yo Latina, Consuela.
    (videogames, beer, bang Consuela)
    45 yo – first kid, design and build your own house
    (videogames, beer, bang Consuela)
    50 yo – third kid – homeschool kids at an accelerated rate while you make a quite good living writing technical manuals
    (videogames, beer, bang Consuela)
    55 yo – take an active and enduring interest in your children’s development by ensuring that they are completely prepared for adult life in the 21st century
    (videogames, beer, bang Consuela)
    60 yo – relax, watch kids grow up, travel to the places of your youth with your devoted (and still quite hot) wife and bang her there
    (videogames, beer, bang Consuela)
    (Happily Ever After)

    See? It’s possible to skip the whole disastrous-first-marriage-and-child-support-to-a-hypergamous-feminist thing altogether, if you want. And they can’t say shit about it.

    Because your sperm is viable until your 70s, and their eggs go bad after 35, there is no real pressure on you to reproduce so early in your life. You’ve got FIFTY YEARS to have kids — they have FIFTEEN, realistically. And they squander them on corporate climbing. If you spend a third of it enjoying your own personal puerarchy, that still leaves quite a bit to seek your fortune, seek out the Perfect Wife and Mother (if you want to breed) or Perfect Wife (if you just want to screw). THAT’S “Male Lib”.

    If every young dude reading this now has the foresight to get a temp vasectomy (lasts 10 years, should be available within the next few for about $1000) and indulge in “life experience” instead of fast-track college-grad school-career-family, then we’d have a world full of bold, masculine dudes enjoying themselves immensely pursuing their own interests (“liberated men”) and a world full of socially and sexually frustrated, husband-hunting career-climbing middle-management feminist cube groundhogs with baby rabies and an increasingly small number of Betas to accuse of oppressing them (“Women’s Lib”). Which do you think sounds like more fun?

    To sum up, Male Lib is the liberation from social expectations, not “liberation” from
    your own power, money, or independence. You should take all of that into consideration when planning your life.

    “That wordy fellow”, indeed.

  2. That was so good indeed.

  3. I had the same observation as well, seems like there’s a grass roots movements of men unplugging and taking the red pill. Sites like yours, MMSL, Roosh, Roissy, etc. and others are out there spreading the word that both single and married guys like me have embraced after white knighting it for so long. Thanks for your contribution to men’s society.

  4. Professor Mentu on said:

    The term “Sir Kitchen Bitch” will soon make it’s way to UMan. That was hilarious, and most certainly the title White Knights assume when they retire (get married).

  5. Did you help Al Gore develop the internet? Hardy har.

    Good post, PM

  6. freebird on said:

    Mr. Ironwood- I like the cut of your jib.
    How very pleasant sounding compared to being taken to the cleaners via divorce/per fem-plan.
    She’s looking for the perfect first husband and fails to procure one and the accompanying funding!
    Making it harder to obtain the status to trade up to the next sucker.
    We can break the paradigm.
    It’s not going to be difficult either,with most young men being raised in unwed mothers home with no daddy and just various strange men pumping mom up at night.There has to be some deep seated innate resentment there that can be mined and de-constructed into such productive activity as described.
    What a beautiful message of hope and change.
    This time it’s for real and from the bottom up.
    The beauty of being at the bottom means there is no way to go except up.
    Onwards and upwards young men!
    Do not repeat the mistakes of precious generations.
    make something of your life other than a wage slave to an ungrateful
    feminist/exploiter of men via court system.
    Cool side effect-contempt for authority,comes natural to young men,lets mine that too.

  7. Angeline on said:

    I always wondered why feminists thought that a life they derided as ‘oppressive’ would be appealing to men. Housework *is* drudgery, but making a home can be a source of pride, and I loved having and being with my babies. But I’m female, and wired for that. I can’t tell you how many times I was told I was ‘wasting’ my opportunity, and tossing aside the work of those who came before me, just for staying home for a couple of short years with my infants. By other women. Eventually I was shamed into joining the workforce, but I felt like I was shortchanging both roles.

  8. Richard Cranium on said:

    One thing I’ve experienced is the notion in society that you’re just supposed to get married, have kids, and have a soul-crushing job just because “everyone else does it” and “well you’re just supposed to”. When you do what YOU want and not what you’re SUPPOSED to people get freaked out.

    I’ve been called all kinds of names and heard all the usual shaming language and I just let it roll off like water off a duck’s back and keep smiling. I literally haven’t had to punch a time clock in like 5 years now between working in the media when I lived in Las Vegas and now being a full time musician and I can’t begin to tell you how nice the freedom is.

    There’s no wife, no kids, no mortgage no “trappings” and let me let you in on a little secret. I don’t want any of it either. I enjoy a day like the one I had yesterday. Took the motorcycle out, went and looked at some other motorcycles, had some lunch at a beach-side cafe and then stopped off at Guitar Center to scope out some gear I need for my new music project. There was no permission needed, no begging, no cajoling, no nagging, no resentment. I just did what I wanted to do. Loved every minute of it.

    So why would I want to trade all of that for a nagging broad with an ever-expanding waistline, an annoying ankle-biter and a paper-pushing cubicle job just because that’s what society says I’m “supposed to do”? Sorry Charley my life is exactly that. Mine.

    • P Ray on said:

      The soul-crushing job puts you at the risk of stress; some people don’t consider anyone who doesn’t find a challenge in their particular economic activity as working.
      In other words, it has to be unpleasant if you’re earning money.
      The way that is done is by dangling the idea that “the best people get ahead”, “work hard and you will succeed”, “if you blame others for your failure, do you credit them with your success”?
      All these 3 things ignore the fact that the parameters between school/education and work … are completely different.
      You know the work you are expected to deliver at school, your teachers are expected to grade your work impartially and you can complain if you are mistreated.
      You do not know the work you are expected to deliver at work, your superiors are not expected to grade your work impartially, it will take a very long time for justice if you are mistreated.

      so how is work like school again?

    • I live the same lifestyle, only as a theatre technician and designer rather than as a musician. People can’t believe that I can make rent working only half the time, until I point out that I’m not paying for a woman and have cut a lot of the unnecessary consumerist “needs” that the typical American has.

      Why pay for something to fill my time with useless activities that lead to stagnation? I’d be paying with both a lifestyle change to work more hours and the money itself. Instead, I’d rather just go enjoy the world for free.

  9. CastleD on said:

    It is a great point, but lets not celebrate too much. Our Feminist Governments and every other institution are doing everything they can do stifle men and steal their money and the fruits of their labor, and eliminate all primarily masculine endeavors (along with ruin television, music, movies, and books with shallow feminized shit) . If you talk about that too much though it means you’re an MRA whiner or something.

    • P Ray on said:

      Too bad too few women actually participate in the hard sciences.
      Males can escape the lace cage through machines.

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  11. Our liberation will not be complete until a reliable contraception (the male pill) is available. The feminine imperative only wants to optimize hypergamy, and putting true birth control in the hands of men is the antithesis of this.

    This comment and article are a prime example of how the more women complain about men not play by their rules the more feminism shows it real hand.

  12. I’m sorry, I take a little bit of offense to the stuff people are saying about stay at home Dads. My dad ran his business from home and was a stay at home dad. He is a great man and raised his kids well. There is nothing more manly than being a good father. Fuck riding motorcycles and banging chicks. There is nothing more masculine than taking good care of your children.

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