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The Manosphere yields some terrifically thoughtful blogs and comments. It’s spectacular that men are abundantly sharing truths and Red Pill wisdom. It’s even better that it’s mostly behind the media scene. Ian Ironwood – that wordy fellow – posted about masculinity being a pathology (link below). That post yielded an incredible comment [with some editing]:

Male liberation has arrived. It’s just that male liberation doesn’t look like (for everyone) changing the nappies with a smile, being a supportive kitchen bitch to Sally Ballbuster breadwinner wife, or learning to live an a puppy-dog egalitarian (read: female led) relationship. More often it means video games and Sports Center and playoff tickets and riding motorcycles and on and on.

Just as liberation for women meant that their traditional roles were now optional, liberation for men means the same thing – but that doesn’t mean that men are “liberated” to become “male wives” and “male mommies”, taking on the roles that women were liberated from (doesn’t sound much like liberation for men, does it?), but that men are liberated from having the expectation of having any role or responsibility at all other than those voluntarily undertaken.

That is the mirror image of female liberation, and it is already happening – and the feminists and their whiteknight supporters hate it because it isn’t what they wanted for men.


Men have indeed been liberated. Sadly, most men consider liberation as the process of becoming Mr. Mom or Sir Kitchen Bitch, as the comment states. Red Pill men have learned that such liberation is about choosing what is right for them, not the expected life script as determined by the broken social contract ‘twixt the genders (link below).

Male liberation has produced three primary unintended consequences:

Pick Up Artistry (PUA)

Men’s Rights Activism (MRA)

Men Going Their Own Way (MGTOW)

I won’t provide the background information on those. Do some digging. It will be elucidating. There are other results to men’s liberation which are typically denigrated as puerile. Guess what? That’s choice in action. When women make choices, it’s empowering. When men make choices, it’s immature and selfish. Guess what? Tough shit. Tear up one side of a contract and the other side can be torn up, too.

It took quite awhile for men’s liberation to reach this point. Men had to suffer the indignities of becoming the Sensitive New Age Guy (SNAG) back in the 80s and 90s. But when the Internet took off – I was there, it was cool – and men could share information, the Red Pill seed was planted and it’s yielding excellent results. Hypergamy? That word is reaching the mainstream media because of Manosphere communication.

Men’s liberation can only continue to gather momentum. Men are free. Most of them simply don’t know it.

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