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Reader Mailbag – Soft Harem Conundrum

A reader writes:

I’ve never been happier as a man since acquiring the “soft harem” of three gals (I leave one slot for bench substitutions/one nighters) from which I am getting regular sex and entertainment.  Am I going to become spoiled and destroyed such that I will never commit 100% to a single woman again.  I was faithful to my wife of fourteen years.  I fear that I won’t ever be satisfied with a single gal to grow old with.

Ah, the benefits of Red Pill wisdom and Charisma. To have such a problem, oy vey. Let this be a lesson to any scoffers out there.

This reader is in his 40s and asks a very legitimate question for guys of a certain age. While I’m older than the reader, I’ve not hit my “silver years” so I can’t answer the question based on personal experience. I’ll have to speculate in order to provide an answer. As this reader gets older – and I’m talking a couple of decades down the road – he will eventually find himself spending more and more time with just one woman. My step-father went this route a few years after my mother died but he did it more quickly (link below).

While bodies age, and libidos cool, the need for the warm embrace of feminine companionship should never wane. Men have the privilege of time and our reader should use that time to allow just one woman to be the one who holds his hand as he shuffles off that mortal coil. Fortunately, he’s got quite a few years of soft harem management ahead of him. There is one caveat to this. The reader lives in a community that I know quite well having lived there for several years. In fact, my first ex-wife still lives there. It’s not a big city so he runs the risk of his harem girls crossing paths with each other.

Red Pill, gentlemen… it’s all about the Red Pill.

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