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Off Topic – Let’s Talk Tech…

Deep in my soul beats the heart of a Luddite (link below). Because of this, I am not an early adopter of tech gadgets. When I take my annual motorcycle trip up to the mountains, I use an analog GPS. It’s called a paper map. When I do actually purchase technology – say, a laptop computer – it’s usually a bargain basement model that gets the job done but with little in the way of gadgetry frills. This means I get software leftovers. Windows ME and Vista? Yup, run ’em both for years. I’m still running Vista.

As for cell phones, I used stupid models long after the iPhone came out. Android? Pah-lease. And what’s with these damned tablets? I pretty much ignored cell phone and mobile device technology. I only started texting seriously about two years ago. I talk briefly and text often. I can count on one hand the number of photos I’ve actually taken with my various cell phones.

There’s a serious irony at work here. My profession is in technology. I work with serious tech dorks and I have done this for decades. I even worked with the pioneers of agile programming. But that’s my job, not how I live my life in terms of tech at a firm known for some seriously cutting edge software. They were all arrogant nerds…”I can code Java, I can do anything”, that sort of thing. I hate nerds.

My existing stupid phone was over two years old and it was getting difficult. It shut off by itself at bad times and some of those wee buttons weren’t working as planned. It was time for an upgrade. While I’m not a huge fan of AT & T, it’s what I have and it’s what I’m sticking with. I was snooping around AT & T’s website for a potential upgrade, I found something for 10 bucks that I couldn’t pass up – Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket, refurbished.

A few days later the phone showed up at my place of work. I did the SIM card shuffle at the local AT & T store and got the thing activated. Wow. Welcome to the 21st century. This thing is quite amazing. As I’m not qualified to do a review because of my Luddite status, there will be no review. There are better reviews (link below).

I’ve done some interesting research into the future of mobile devices because of my newly-found knowledge of my own personal smart phone. Here are some obvious (to you) predictions:

1. There will be two categories of tech users: Content creators and content consumers.

2. There will be two categories of tech devices: Content input and content display.

3. For content consumers, the desktop and laptop computers are dead, the mobile device will replace them.

4. For creators of basic content (mostly text), a mobile device will soon suffice because the mobile device OS can (or will) support keyboard and mouse input displayed on a full-sized monitor.

5. All our data will belong to the cloud – causing major security and privacy issues.

6. The executives at Microsoft will be quietly submitting resumes to Apple and Google.

I do not mention video games because such things do not hold much relevance for me, Angry Birds not withstanding. I also don’t mention specialized content creation such as professional-quality videos and the like. That’s highly specialized content-creation and most often beyond the range of mere bloggers, like me.

I find it astonishing that mobile devices have so much processing horsepower. Quad-core processors are soon to be introduced (Samsung Galaxy S III) and the latest version of the Andriod OS is trickling out to upgrade existing mobile devices as appropriate. And what does all this mean relative to the Manosphere? Mobile Pinterest. Seriously.


Samsung Galaxy SII Skyrocket Review


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