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500K Page Views & Blog Recommendations

I must recognize milestones. February was this blog’s one year anniversary (link below). As of today, I will hit 500K total page views with almost 300 blog posts. As I don’t have access to sophisticated traffic statistics, it’s difficult to determine just who is reading my blog. But looking at from where my traffic originates, the consistency of the commenters, and the off-blog emails, it’s clear that my readers fall into several categories:

Loyal readers who read most of my posts but seldom comment (comment more, dammit!)

Loyal readers who comment frequently (thanks, you folks are swell)

Drive-by readers who probably get butthurt (awwww, did I offend your blue pill sensibilities?)

The most rewarding part of the blog is the off-blog emails I get from readers, male and female alike. Actually, only a few of those letters end up as blog posts because of requests for anonymity. It’s extremely rewarding to give Red Pill advice and receive praise. Sharing such Red Pill wisdom seems to me an almost subversive act because of the utter media saturation of shitty, blue pill “wisdom”.

I exhort my readers to always be sharing Red Pill wisdom, even if it’s not immediately accepted or even rejected. Given the overall Manosphere traffic, it’s clear that Red Pill ideas are being embraced and shared. The mainstream media only occasionally covers Manosphere and Red Pill issues so all this communication is off the public’s radar, for now.

On a somewhat related note: I caught Krauser’s interview on London Real (link below) and then spent some time on his two blogs. They are both highly recommended and I will add them to my blog roll:

Krauser’s PUA Adventure

Count Cervantes

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