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Weekend Weirdness – Gin

It’s a Saturday night and I’m actually pleased to not be on a date. I’ve got good Pandora music on the speakers and an ugly dog at my side. As it is a Saturday, I’m having a fine gin and tonic with lime. The tonic water part is somewhat interesting (link below) and directly appropriate to me because I have malaria. You read that right. I have malaria. I picked it up while working on a wildcat oil drilling rig in the United Arab Emirates when I was a younger and more strapping lad. There ain’t no fever like a malaria fever. Ask me, I know.

In regards to gin, however, there is a much more interesting history:

…the principal cause of all the vice & debauchery committed among the inferior sort of people.


But after a couple of centuries, gin became the hallmark of civilized, anglo-saxon WASPs. Go figure. I won’t be rioting in the streets because the local liquor store is short of gin.

By 1743, the people of England were drinking 2.2 gallons (10 litres) of gin annually per head of population.

That’s some damned good gin-drinking, right there. My UK readers are gin-sots. Well, they were a couple of hundred years ago. Gin was the crack cocaine of the time. That’s kind of impressive considering that the spirited beverage is now an integral part of country and yacht clubs.  Ask me, I know.

But there a huge problem with gin – drunk texting (serious link below).


Tonic Water


Gin Craze

Texts From Dog

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7 thoughts on “Weekend Weirdness – Gin

  1. The Geographer on said:

    Also, another problem is forgetting main verbs of sentences.

  2. just visiting on said:

    Tonic water – Canada Dry?
    You have my heartfelt sympathies. On the bright side, you have the perfect excuse for outrageous texts.

  3. Just wasted 10 minutes on Texts from Dog.

  4. I just read up on malaria, tonic water, and gin. It turns out that Gin & Tonic was originally a cure for malaria. Men would drink tonic water, which is quinine dissolved into carbonated water. To mask the taste, men would mix the concoction with gin. Thus, the iconic drink, gin and tonic was born.

    Interesting stuff.

  5. Every time I drink gin . . . I usually end up waking up someplace strange, naked, with an odd taste in my mouth and no memory of how I got there. Which is why I stick with Irish whiskey — fewer side-effects.

  6. wingman on said:

    PM – Maybe it’s the Madmen craze or some other popular retro-credo, but Gin is in. G+T’s always did it for me until a recent discovery of that old standby, the Martini. It’s tough to beat. The recipe: in a pint glass full of ice, drizzle in some drops of dry vermouth, then add 4OZ high-end Gin (Bombay Sapphire). Stir, don’t shake. Strain into a chilled Martini glass, garnish with either an olive or a lemon twist. That’s it. Simple. No carbs or sugar from the tonic. It packs a lot of punch and chicks dig a dude who drinks the real stuff. Gin and whiskey – Alpha. Beer and wine, not.

  7. Random Angeleno on said:

    Hendricks Gin FTW. Makes the best g&t’s and gin martinis.

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