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Female Attention Deficit Disorder (FADD)

This is not the disorder where a woman’s attention span is way too short and her brain is too easily distracted. That’s an issue that covers both genders. Female Attention Deficit Disorder (FADD) is the deficit of the general attention that women crave and a pathological reaction to the lack of that attention. A woman with FADD will do almost anything to get that attention, especially from men. In street talk, we’re talking about an attention whore.

FADD is rather endemic, unfortunately. It spans all ages. We’ve all seen its symptoms:

  • Obnoxious drunkenness
  • Young women kissing other young women when in public
  • Wildly immodest clothes
  • Inappropriately youthful fashion
  • Constant texting, calling, IMing, etc.
  • Inability to spend any time alone
  • Nightclub dancing that involves lots of grinding
  • Tiny dog in her purse
  • Random flaking on dates or planned social get-togethers
  • Children who are “my best friend(s)”
  • Cockteasing
  • Non-stop social activities
  • A desire to be a porn star or an actual sex video on the ‘Net
  • Over-the-top opinionated

For a short term fling, a girl with FADD is an easy mark and she is relatively easy to attract. Give her attention in spurts (heh) and use the Push-Pull element of Charisma. FADD women are good candidates to be included in a soft harem scenario. They are poor candidates for a long-term relationship because such women are at the  zenith of high maintenance.

Having FADD is certainly a sign of insecurity but it’s also a strong manifestation of the Princess Entitlement Complex where a woman expects all sorts of attention merely because she possesses ladyparts. Immaturity is also part of the mix. FADD girls love the company of men because most men will put up with their constant demands for attention. Other FADD ladies will cause conflict because of the competition for attention.

It’s actually challenging to find a girl without FADD. It’s been said that attention is the emotional currency of women. A woman who isn’t a slave to her attention-getting behavior is rare.

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