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Weekend Weirdness – Alphabet One Liners – 2

Analog – Retro digital

Bra – It shall be removed!

Corpulent – Fancy word for fat

Digital – What analog wants to be

Egregious – Chicks dig my big… vocabulary

Fenway – It’s only fucking baseball

Gorgeous – Yes, yes I am

Hermione – Harry Potter wants her and wants her bad

Insufferable – Yes, yes I am

Jerk Off – “That’s not a muscle between your legs, don’t exercise it.” (Jr. High gym coach)

Klinger – I remember the last episode of MASH, fuck, I’m old

Laurentians – There are mountains in Quebec?

Mononucleosis – I kissed her and then I fell asleep

Nomenclature – It’s all in the glossary

Opinionated – If a woman says this in her online dating profile, block her

Pussy – Of course I had to say that

Quest – Anyone got a light?

Restful – That’s a technological term and I have no idea what it means

Sin – Hey ladies, pride is a sin so get over yourselves

Turgid – Look it up

Ululate – Men, don’t do this at Arab weddings

Voluptuous – Fat is not this… fat is… fucking ugly

Welch – Don’t do this on a bet

Xerxes – Kings of Persia cannot spell

You – No, it’s about me

Zounds! – ‘Nuff said

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