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Insatiable (With Work Safe Photos!)

I’m talking to you, the person reading this blog. You’re freaking insatiable and it’s a real challenge to keep up with you. You expect a post every damned day. I’m getting rather worn out. The wellspring of ideas is getting dry. I’ve even been reduced to recycling posts. That made me feel exploited and dirty. What more do you people want?

Here’s what I suggest to you, the person reading the blog. I have over 280 posts in the archives. About 200 hundred are in the list on the right after you scroll down. The rest are located in the month to month links, also visible after scrolling down. Once you’ve done some reading there, you can hit up the links to other blogs and various websites. A few links are broken and I hope to be fixing those.

If you’re lazy and just want to read something fast, I present this print advertisement from the 1950s. Note the aloof, almost indifferent attitude of the guy and the fawning attitudes of the dames. Nice work, buddy. You’re alpha and it shows with your Van Heusen shirt.

Here are two more photos:

Big People, Not Attractive

Normal People, Quite Attractive

Punchline? Same people. Weight loss and better health, what a miracle.

Carry on with your bad selves.

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20 thoughts on “Insatiable (With Work Safe Photos!)

  1. Senior Beta on said:

    Why not focus on the on line dating segment? Your stuff is good; for an older group (sorry, there) and funny as hell. Don’t need all the sociology.

  2. “A few links are broken and I hope to be fixing those.”

    No kidding 😉

    My Alpha Wife needs to change to Samplexus. I get referrals from here all the time.


  3. Depending on the facial structure, a fat girl who slimmed down can become very pretty indeed.
    To all the fat women saying men should not be so superficial:
    Even when fat you want a guy taller than you.
    ‘Sides, Crystal Renn has now slimmed down.
    2 strikes against that meme “Fat girls are nicer to most guys”. W00t, it’s becoming a good week!

    • Miss_Fu on said:

      It’s amazing how many celebrity women have declared happiness with their larger selves have later slimmed down, then bragged to the world how great it is to be skinny. Even Adele, the super-sized SWPL sweetheart who graced magazine covers telling women how she’s proud of her curves despite industry pressure to lose weight, is now reportedly on a plan to shed the pounds.

  4. Miss_Fu on said:

    I love ads from the 1950s because they’re so shamelessly sexist. I found a link to some more ads that had me chuckling:
    It is hard to believe that this was only 60 years ago.

  5. feminizedwesternmale on said:

    TPM – O/T

    I’ve been reading your posts on online dating which I’ve been doing for the last 3 weeks. Like you, I study a profile in order to craft my first contact message. How tolerant are you of gals that respond to you (or make their own first contact) and ask questions that are clearly laid out in your own profile? This happens often to me… and it perturbs me, but I have let it mostly slide.

    I am divorced, no kids, and looking for one to marry (but am not beyond plowing a field if it looks particularly fertile if young and hot – I was married for a loooongg time). I’m a 43 y.o. doc that is no Adonis but above average. Would you ever cuff/rib them about it missing details? Shouldn’t they also have an eye for detail, or am I missing the boat on what women are like?

    Thanks, M.

    • They are surfing photos so when they reach out to you, consider it a compliment and continue to let it slide.

      In an age of twitter, text, and Facebook, most people (regardless of gender) simply don’t read more than two or three sentences in an online dating profile.

    • @feminizedwesternmale:
      Send your requests to mass females. Say 100 in a week. Spin some plates.
      Remember: The girl who wants to pass up a guy like you, is choosing to not have you in her life.
      You’re not in a relationship until both you and her agree that you are, say so to others, and act like it in public.
      Time to adapt to the new reality that women will tell you what works to give them an advantage in the dating market, while giving you the disadvantage in the dating market.
      and also remember:
      A woman who considers you a catch will do her utmost to be with you, find a friend to fix you up with, or both.

  6. LostSailor on said:

    Damn it, TPM, I’ve already read the archives! Guess I’ll just have to sit here, moping, until you get around to posting something new….

  7. J Smooth on said:

    @Miss_Fu Have you had a read of the comments from that old school ad post? Made me laugh and shake my head at the same time, although hard to know if some of the more indignant responses are trolling or genuine white knights

  8. Random Angeleno on said:

    @feminized whatever – don’t denigrate yourself with that name. That’ll do for a start.

  9. They might be slimmer, but the man still has that weird hairy configuration on his face. (“Goat-tee”??)

  10. John G on said:

    Be nice. It’s a Van Dyke. All the cool kids are doing it! She looks awesome BTW.

  11. AnonymousDog on said:

    Re: Before and after photos
    Nice clothes come in all sizes, so do sloppy T-shirts. Would the couple look so attractive in the ‘after’ photo if they were dressed the same as in the ‘before’ photo? Would they have looked so unattractive in the ‘before’ pic had they been dressed nicely?

    If losing weight makes one attractive in and of itself, clothes shouldn’t matter, should they?

    In the ‘after’ photo the woman has taken on that premature middle-aged woman-on-a-diet look. JMO. Some find that attractive.

  12. John Dark on said:

    Hi, Private Man,

    Well, you only have yourself to blame. You write well, with insight and style, so we keep coming back to read you. Once I discovered this blog I read everything you have written. It was interesting to see your progression, it made me wonder how my own progress might look to someone else. But above all, everything you wrote was a huge help to me.

    Yours is a great website and if you have dry days when you have nothing to write, well we have the richness of everything you have posted previously, which we can re-read. Thanks for your work and your courage.

  13. Those pics are dramatic and inspiring *eats fried twinkie*

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