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Insatiable (With Work Safe Photos!)

I’m talking to you, the person reading this blog. You’re freaking insatiable and it’s a real challenge to keep up with you. You expect a post every damned day. I’m getting rather worn out. The wellspring of ideas is getting dry. I’ve even been reduced to recycling posts. That made me feel exploited and dirty. What more do you people want?

Here’s what I suggest to you, the person reading the blog. I have over 280 posts in the archives. About 200 hundred are in the list on the right after you scroll down. The rest are located in the month to month links, also visible after scrolling down. Once you’ve done some reading there, you can hit up the links to other blogs and various websites. A few links are broken and I hope to be fixing those.

If you’re lazy and just want to read something fast, I present this print advertisement from the 1950s. Note the aloof, almost indifferent attitude of the guy and the fawning attitudes of the dames. Nice work, buddy. You’re alpha and it shows with your Van Heusen shirt.

Here are two more photos:

Big People, Not Attractive

Normal People, Quite Attractive

Punchline? Same people. Weight loss and better health, what a miracle.

Carry on with your bad selves.

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