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My Readers Are Brilliant

My previous post yielded some excellent comments. Buried in the many comments was this gem from Wudang:

Men seek challenge, difficulty, and excitement outside of relationships in work, in war, in sports etc. and are ok with and often want this to be difficult and challenging. But their personal lives they want to comfortable and not so difficult and challenging. Women are the reverse preferring work to be more comfortable and their love lives to be filled with the challenges. Men like real life risk and dislike relationship risk/emotional risk. Women dislike real life risk and like relationship/emotional risk.

This is simply brilliant because it so nicely captures the essence of both the masculine and the feminine in regards to work and relationships. Why is that this kind of relationship wisdom is so prevalent in the Manosphere yet so rare in the mainstream media?


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7 thoughts on “My Readers Are Brilliant

  1. Jay in DC on said:

    That is brilliant, it is poetry and the clear distillation of a truism. Roosh had a very similar epiphany recently that was very concise in the same way. As for your (I presume) rhetorical question, it is MSM. All liberal, all feel-good, all day. Why tell the truth when you can continue to poison the well until it simply runs dry? But, as we all know, it -will- run dry and even some of the most radical kool-aid drinkers are starting to see the trend hence the higher level of aggression in MSM about “manning up”, blah blah, bunch of bullshit. I’m preaching to the proveribial choir here.

  2. OffTheCuff on said:

    So many things make sense when you embrace complementarianism.

  3. Candide on said:

    “Why is that this kind of relationship wisdom is so prevalent in the Manosphere yet so rare in the mainstream media?”

    How do you make money off that? Women unhappy with their love lives spend way more money.

    • Let’s hope it’s their own money and not
      “money I wheedle out of a guy I pretend to love with the repeated statement that if a man doesn’t spend money on me he doesn’t love me”.
      It’s amazing how restrained single women with no orbiter males get, when it comes to their finances.
      Of course, if they spend their own money trying to get close to a high-flyer and then get burned “he cheated me!”

  4. Yes indeed. I love the challenges my overseas ESL job brings, but once the working day is done, it’s best to abide by the KISS adage: keep it simple, stupid. I want to come home and feel comfortable. Playing brinksmanship with love or relationships is no fun. If work is busy enough, why make make life outside of work any busier?

  5. When it comes to challenge in relationships and courtship:women need to realize that men do NOT like challenges.At least not challenge as women think of them.

  6. just visiting on said:

    I don’t know why women would be difficult in courtship or relationship. I can understand not sleeping with a guy right away, though . There’s a lot of mixed messages on that. (Commenters on one blog are suggesting that women flirting are sluts. Rolls eyes.) So, she could just be trying to sort out dragon slayers from those who only want to joust. Lol. (YMMV on whether she’s worth waiting for. That’s what the plates are for.)

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