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Generation Spinster

I’ve covered specific spinster blogs in past. Moxie turned me on to another one. Doing some digging via Google, I’ve turned up quite a few blogs written by women who are determinedly single, by choice or by circumstance. I’m not going to link to them because they are trite and without creativity.

These spinster blogs are on the vanguard of a huge number of soon-to-be spinsters about ready to graduate college. The numbers are scary and paint a bleak future for young women hoping to find love, husbands, and make families. I’ve covered this subject before but it’s worth revisiting.

Simply put, there will be a husband shortage, and soon. This is because of the imbalance of gender enrollment in higher education. Overall, 60% of college graduates will be women. Hypergamy combined with the constant “never settle” drumbeat of bad relationship advice for women is going to yield what I am officially naming as “Generation Spinster”.

Naturally, the short-term public pressure will be on men to “man up” and go to college so they can be suitable husbands and providers. Privately, however, more and more young men are electing a relatively low-velocity life without the pressures of the female-driven standard life script of college, marriage, house, kids. These kind of men have been excoriated by women and social conservatives as being in perpetual adolescence. Actually, they’re just really smart guys who have figured out the scam that was the American Dream and have adapted accordingly – some by learning Charisma and others by going their own way (google MGTOW).

As the demographic of young men continues to unplug from the mainstream media and finds – via the Internet – an acceptable (to men) alternative to the American rat race, Generation Spinster will only grow in size, frustration, and anger. Future spinster blogs will be numerous and depressing. There will be a huge marketing opportunity to single women. Investing in pet-related industries would be a good financial play.

Some may champion the educational success of women and their “empowered” singlehood. Guys with Charisma will certainly have a reason to celebrate because there will be many more opportunities to quench their libidinous desires. However, none will champion the unintended consequences of increased social pathologies such as unwed motherhood and a generation of men uninvested in their futures. The men invested in society are the ones who keep the society running smoothly. Generation Spinster will mark yet another unfortunate milestone in a long decline for our society.

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