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Down To Basics

While the tables in this post are rather tongue-in-cheek, there are some basic truths presented.

The rank is not just sexual appeal, but overall feminine attractiveness. Good material here for more on that feminine attractiveness.

A man without Charisma:

A man with Charisma:

Athol Kay

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5 thoughts on “Down To Basics

  1. LostSailor on said:

    Completely OT.

    Out at my local for a few beers and playing some darts. Two fairly drunk girls come, one far more smashed. Less drunk orders a pizza delivery. More drunk leaves before it arrives. Less drunk is clearly a little bummed. But when it arrives, she proceeds to eat an entire large pizza herself. And she’s already on the path to landwhaledom.

    The guys I’m with were equally appalled. Sorry, had to vent. Dispach from the front lines…

  2. freebird on said:

    Charisma is a free get out of jail card too.
    Suddenly your due process is restored.

  3. atholkaymarriedmansexlife on said:

    Thanks for the link love!

  4. Abides on said:

    Nahh it is *way* too optimistic. Sexual charisma gets you a 1 step upgrade, at most 2 if you are totally naturally awesome with it, not a 3 step one.

    • Sceptic on said:

      My experience and observation is that you get faaaaar more htan one extra point for charisma/game. It is basically just a question of how strong it is. My buddy who wmen generally rate a 5 in terms of looks gets women at every level of looks. My other friend who women generally rate as having an 8 face is fat so his body drags his rank far down. He also gets women at every level of looks. Both gets models. The fat 8 had a foursome with three girls and has had loads of threesomes. He gets approached by multiple women every time we go out despite other guys in our group being better looking than him. Women just pick up on his vibe and alpha body language and behavior.

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