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Getting The Date

A man and a woman meet up in real life. Perhaps it’s a coffee shop, a nice bar, even the grocery store. They have a nice conversation. The man, sadly clueless, screws up enough courage to ask the woman on a real date. Blue pill guys will probably do something like this:

“Um, er, well, would like you to have dinner sometime?” Strike one.

The woman responds yes, she would indeed like a date. Phone numbers are exchanged. Bear in mind that the blue pill schmuckling already has one strike against him.

Our hapless hero calls the woman on that very night. Strike two.

They have a nice conversation that last for an hour. Strike three.

Finally, he again screws up the courage to pitch the date idea. “Are you free Saturday?” Can there be a strike four? Crap, this analogy ain’t working.

The woman, despite her evolutionary hind-brain screaming at her “He’s a chump! He’s a chump!” says that yes, she is available.

The chump, ever so chumplike, asks “Where would you like to go?” Strike five?! I’ve totally ruined the baseball analogy but you get my drift.

You younger guys don’t do the dating thing. I know this. But for men over a certain age (about 35 or so), dating is what must happen because of work, kids, and complicated lives. Sure, it’s a vestige of a previous era but it lingers persistently, especially considering online dating.

A confident man with Charisma doesn’t ask. He states.

“We should go out for ice cream.”

Note the use of the conditional “should”. That takes away a bit of the overconfident pushiness.

Phone conversations? Keep ’em short. Use a timer if need be.

Welcome to dating 2.0.

The Military Marriage

When given financial incentives, people will generally act in a predictable way. Apply those incentives to divorce and human behavior remains predictable. The military divorce is much the same way according to my friend, Danny. He’s a smart and observant fellow.

His post on military marriages is both chilling and elucidating.

I recommend that any many considering the military or any military man considering marriage read his post. Much can be applied to women in the military as well because the American armed forces can be equity minded.

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