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On Generalizing And Stereotypes

Human reproductive behavior is remarkably predictable given consistent inputs. To not generalize or stereotype would be intellectually foolhardy and would ultimately result in epic dating and relationship fail. The rampant and stubborn political correctness of “we’re all special snowflakes” is a ruinous approach when dealing with women. For the most part, we’re not exceptions, we’re usually the rule.

“Snowflaking” is the process by which a woman treats herself as the exception, not the rule. This concept is the first cousin to Not All Women Are Like That (NAWALT). Here’s the most difficult piece of Red Pill wisdom for women (and some men): “Yes, you are like that.” The response is invariably quick and consistent with shrieks of denial, the inevitable insults, and the other emotional reactions that actually show the actual accuracy of the statement. The rationalization hamster feeds well on special snowflakes and taking away its primary diet is terrifying to women.

There are two arguments against Red Pill wisdom, neither of them work. The first is the cry of “misogynist!” That’s just ad hominem bullshit and easily ignored or deflected. The other argument against Red Pill wisdom is the cry of social unacceptability. Social acceptability is just another term for political correctness. It’s also called blue pill wisdom and it’s not working. Here’s just a summary of what blue pill wisdom has caused:

High divorce rates
Frivolous divorce
Generation Spinster
Hookup culture
Declining happiness in women
Involuntary celibacy for some men
Unhappy relationships for too many men
“Dark Game”
Combat dating
Feminized men
Masculinized women

The list can go on and on because the conventional dating and relationship “wisdom” of politically correct conventional wisdom is so awful.

A large part of the whole Red Pill experience is to understand painful truths and act accordingly based on those truths, not some pie in the sky ideals based on political correctness. I want men to fulfill their relationship goals, I don’t want to reinforce ridiculous social expectations that will only result in men being frustrated and unhappy.

Note: This post is an expansion of a comment I made in the previous blog post. That post yielded numerous excellent comments.

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