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The Military Marriage

When given financial incentives, people will generally act in a predictable way. Apply those incentives to divorce and human behavior remains predictable. The military divorce is much the same way according to my friend, Danny. He’s a smart and observant fellow.

His post on military marriages is both chilling and elucidating.

I recommend that any many considering the military or any military man considering marriage read his post. Much can be applied to women in the military as well because the American armed forces can be equity minded.


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5 thoughts on “The Military Marriage

  1. Thanks for the lInkage Sir.

  2. DC Phil on said:

    As someone who was in the military not that long ago, I saw plenty of messes resulting from marriage done too early, especially among under-25s.

    The drill was usually the same:

    1. dude is fucking some girl
    2. dude can’t see past his sperm-induced haze to see the girl for what she’s really like (which isn’t hard if he was paying attention to her behavior when he wasn’t fucking her)
    3. dude decides to marry the girl
    4. dude deploys three months later but makes sure to include the little wifey on his benefits and makes sure that she gets her separation pay
    5. dude is deployed and has too much time on his hands and the occasional very stressful situation, so he starts ruminating about how his wife might be fucking some other guy while he’s away
    6. dude starts feeling more and more paranoid about his wife out of his sight
    7. dude starts calling too often and cyberstalking the girl
    8. girl goes incommunicado and suddenly the dude finds his bank account, which he gave the girl full access to, is significantly less than what he had in it prior to deployment
    9. dude can’t focus on work because he’s becoming obsessed with the girl
    10. dude eventually returns home and divorces the girl, but not without a significant financial penalty

    What’s even more ludicrous is how the military sits and scratches its head, wondering why the state of marriage in the military is so poor.

    • P Ray on said:

      But was she cheating?

      • DC Phil on said:

        Some were, some weren’t. My overarching point was that these folks get married too young and not with the best intentions. No surprise, then, that the marriage is a sham from the get-go and eventually collapses.

      • DeCode on said:

        Being in the military myself, I’d say it’s 50/50; make that 70/50 against her if he married a military girl. Civilian females may be a little promiscuous, but military women take to a life of slutting like a fish to water.

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