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A couple of years back I was a serious participant in the adventure motorcycling community through a website/forum where fellow adventure motorcyclists posted stories about their two-wheeled journeys. An integral part of those online posts was the obligatory photos of food consumed on the road. I always found that odd. Some guy is in the middle of an amazing road trip and he takes photos of his latest meal. It was food porn.

Now that I’m in the Manosphere, the food theme continues. In all honesty, I am not a preparer of food. I am a consumer of food and I take a very utilitarian approach. I fill my stomach with something mostly healthy and I’m done until I’m hungry again. It’s not a good approach.

Two of my Manosphere peers have upped my awareness of the masculine nature of cooking. Danny, being from New Orleans, is well steeped in the culinary arts. His blog has many posts about his kitchen adventures. He and I discussed the possibility of coordinating blog posts as he taught me the basics of kitchen gymnastics. That might still happen.

Another blogger – Chad Daring – has gone completely to the food side with his blog. He recently started The Chef In Jeans with the thoroughly logical tagline of “A Culinary Website for Men”. With recipes, tips, and a generally masculine approach, Chad is doing an outstanding job of showing men how comport themselves regarding food preparation.

In the context of Charisma, the ability for a man to cook for himself and to show mastery of something is immensely attractive to women. The kitchen is certainly not the exclusive realm of the fairer sex. A man creating an awesome and healthy meal can make a woman swoon with desire. As well, a man’s offer to cook something is a great date and the opportunity to bring a lady to his den of culinary inequity. Women love food. Hell, they talk about it constantly.

Cooking well is also an excellent opportunity for a man to work on his confidence sub-routine. Even without a damsel to impress, a man can practice good cuisine on his own and reap the resulting health benefits, too. Cooking at home is also far less expensive than dining out.

According to both Danny and Chad, cooking well is not a difficult proposition and doesn’t require a kitchen full of expensive gadgets. I certainly believe them. They show men how to make good meals without complicated and time-consuming tasks. Guys, stop ordering out, stop with the expensive and unhealthy bar food, get on board with some righteous culinary skills.

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