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Uncle Sam Wants You To Save Your Marriage!

NOTE: This is a re-post from March of last year. As my blog is getting far more traffic, I think it’s time to get some more eyeballs and mouse clicks on the websites I’ve linked to.

I don’t own a television. Instead, I watch Hulu programming. The commercials on Hulu are not what might be seen on television.

The Public Service Announcements (PSAs) are fascinating. Consider such Hulu PSAs as second tier publicity efforts. Whichever organization is pitching a message simply can’t get access to the big leagues in broadcast media. Hulu is the dumping ground of public service announcements and they are quite interesting.

During an oddball documentary about dirt, I caught a very interesting, albeit short, PSA from an organization calling itself Two Of Us. The PSA was quite forgettable but the website proved to be quite interesting. Just a quick look at the website yielded this article. Here’s a quick write-bite:

But some people seem on an eternal quest to find a “perfect” partner, one who probably doesn’t exist outside of the storybooks. Since childhood, we’ve been taught to keep an eye out for Prince (or Princess) Charming. Grown-up movies and romantic comedies perpetuate these expectations — we’re waiting for the dashing hero/heroine who will intuitively understand our plight and rescue us from our suffering.

This is a clear description of emotional porn. The Manosphere has covered this subject often enough. It’s interesting to see the idea of relationship false expectations is being spread further.

Here’s the bomb shell about Two Of Us: It’s a US government funded website!

Just a cursory linkage exercise (always look at the bottom of web pages to see the good stuff, the funding stuff) yields that Two Of Us is part of the National Healthy Marriage Resource Center.

A quick examination of the Two Of Us website also shows this:

Funding for this project was provided by the United States Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, Grant: 90-FH-0001

Is the US government is trying fight against the pernicious influence of emotional pornography? Does Hollywood know about this?

I spent some time clicking around that website and also other websites with links in the Two Of Us web pages. It was a surreal experience. Our government is well into the marriage advice and marriage-saving business. I found some interesting cross-posting with this organization. Is this all left over from the Bush administration’s faith-based initiatives? I really can’t tell. Hell, even the Army wants to keep marriages together.

Here is some nice irony – Two Of Us is funded by the Administration for Children and Families and this agency also contains the Office of Child Support Enforcement. I’ll let the Manosphere digest that one. Extra toilet paper will be required.

I lost my way in this warren of websites, organizations, coalitions, and government agencies. There are links to publicly funded organizations and links to stories on private, blog-like websites. Honestly, I haven’t had the time to do a thoroughly analysis of the actual marriage and relationship advice being doled out. Given the government’s track record in addressing social maladies (Great Society, anyone?), I’m thinking that the divorce rate will increase sharply.

I do urge this blog’s readers to do some investigation on their own. It should make web-surfing an interesting experience. Gentlemen, get to clicking and report back. I also urge readers to spread this post far and wide so that we can shine some light on a government initiative that could very well be an enormous waste of money. Does your congressman know about this?

Here’s a budget-cutting idea: Stop all funding to these marriage-saving initiatives, throw out those worthless bureaucrats, and just send everyone over to Athol K‘s website or buy a million copies of his upcoming book for free distribution to couples thinking of divorce.

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5 thoughts on “Uncle Sam Wants You To Save Your Marriage!

  1. The Seething Lurker on said:

    Ditto on the link love to Athol Kaye’s Married Man Sex Life.

  2. Governments have virtually no power to POSITIVELY impact decisions in this sphere. France in the 70s attempted to address the declining birthrate with all sort of incentives etc. and even ran ads with pretty French babies all of which had exactly no effect. This will have no effect either. Govt’s can NEGATIVELY impact these types of decisions, not vice versa. People didn’t decide to live together because of the “marriage penalty” which in many cases was a few grand. It’s sort of simplistic, but it’s simple to get married, a bitch to get divorced. Ought to be the other way around.

    The idea that our saggy, bloated, non-creative,feckless, inefficient,brain-dead-before-birth-stillborn-after-it federal bureaucracy could conceive and implement a program in an area requiring such nuance and delicacy, affecting as it were matters of profound intimacy, is not even absurd-it is psychotic. It’d be like trying to train a full grown male African elephant to tie your shoelaces.

  3. Hey, it couldn’t hurt, and we’ve spent plenty of money on other crappy programs. Personally, if you wanted to save marriage I’d put a five-year moratorium on the petitioning party getting remarried. That would make plenty of women reconsider hypergamy, at least.

    And I third the motion on Athol’s site. MMSL may just be the most important blog in the Manosphere.

  4. HamsterTamer on said:

    Gads!… talk about Keynesian make-work and quixotic wastes of taxpayers’ money! Imagine taking every overpaid (and typically overweight) bureaucrat involved in this outright foolishness, and sentencing them to HARD OUTDOOR LABOR, chain-gang style! I’m sure there’d be no shortage of volunteer whip masters to “supervise” said chain-gang… 😉

  5. MaMu1977 on said:

    The military promotes marriage for 1 reason: its more profitable. In the same way that married men (until the advent of feminism) received higher wages than single men, commanders can point at the masses of soldiers’ dependents and say to Congress-“This is why we need to maintain our funding, its for the children/for the safety of the children/so that we don’t have our best men leaving the Service to earn more money for the children/etc.” As I learned back in 2006, our higher-ups finangled close to $50 billion dollars in extra funds “for my benefit”, yet my personal pay was increased by $50 a paycheck (at 1 million active duty members receiving between $100-$500 extra a month, about $4billion in pat raises was earned that year. Now ask yourself, where did the other $44 billion go?)

    On a sadder note, the military frowns on divorce for 1 reason-more than half of all military suicides are triggered by “domestic issues”. The Air Force and Navy cite suicide as the main cause of death for their personnel (whether intentional/divorce-driven or lackadaisical/divorce-triggered.) A man who has a family to take care of is a man who cares about whether he lives or dies, period.

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