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On Nagging

During my first marital administration (the blond phase), I came up with a simple guideline to determine if my wife was nagging when she wanted me to do something.

1st time is the initial notification.

2nd time is a reminder.

3rd time is the first nag.

I told her this guideline and her response was predictable once the nagging commenced. “You don’t respect me.” (or some variation there of). Of course, this was in my blue pills days so I had neither the knowledge nor the strength to deal with this. I simply caved in.

Toward the end of the marriage, I did everything she asked without hesitation or question. I was thoroughly, utterly whipped. When I tried to get something where she was reluctant or unwilling, I had to be manipulative and passive/aggressive. It was awful for both of us.

The nagging thing is absolutely huge for a man. It is toxic to a relationship. Hell, even the Wall Street Journal covered this issue. It’s a very good read. The solutions to stop nagging are excellent.

I see nagging as both a shit test, an indication of low emotional strength in a woman, and her inability to see how her actions affect the man in her life (selfish bitch, any?). In effect, nagging shows poor character.

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