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College Guys – Strike When The Iron Is Hot

A guy has a massively greater amount of social opportunities with women while he is a student than he ever will in the adult world of working for a living. And nobody is willing to tell a guy that when he is 19 or 20. Instead, he gets told, “Don’t worry about not meeting women, you’re young.”

This comment (which I mildly edited) by AnonymousDog was in my previous post, The Perils of Propinquity. He raises an excellent point regarding the default blue pill advice given to young men. That advice is horribly wrong. The world beyond college and university is very different. There are no longer hordes of young women in close physical proximity. There might be many young women at the workplace, but those women are off-limits given the prospects of sexual harassment issues.

There might be opportunities for finding new social circles but it takes more time and effort because colleagues will likely live in different areas. The real world is nothing like college or graduate school. With this in mind, here is some serious Red Pill advice for the college-bound man or the recent arrival to college:

1. Ignore what your mother says in regards to not meeting girls and being young. Ignore anyone who tells you that bullshit. Actually, you should slap them.

2. Learn Charisma. Learn it fast, learn it well. Pay particular attention to your confidence sub-routine.

3. Use every opportunity to be social with diverse people. Hang with frat boys, jocks, nerds, and regular guys. Attend as many parties as you can. This doesn’t mean getting drunk all the time. It means being social and being extremely observant.

4. Find and have a solid crew of guy friends who are good with girls. Do not hang with reserved, anti-social types even if you believe you are one, yourself.

5. Spin plates. Have several girls in social rotation. The ultimate goal is to have several girls in sexual rotation.

6. Stay out of the FriendZone™ unless the girl is willing to hook you up with her single friends.

7. Oneitis is your doom in college. It is the stinking swamp of involuntary celibacy and the burning forest of failed expectations. She’s not that fucking special.

8. Be athletic. The typical college has a good array of options in which to be involved athletically. It’s also good for you body, you beer-swilling baboon.

9. Dress better than all the other dumpy-looking guys on campus.

10. Know your limitations and work on them.

11. Get good grades and study when required. You’re there for an education amongst all the socializing.

12. Should you be a high school fellow (or know someone who is), seriously consider taking a year off before starting college. Work some, adventure some, mature a lot.

Older men have really dropped the ball when giving advice to younger men. Fathers seem too cowed to tell the real truth. Mothers just tell blue pill lies. The advice above is that given by the “cool uncle” who never had kids and who lives an interesting life.

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33 thoughts on “College Guys – Strike When The Iron Is Hot

  1. Uncle Tom here:

    Listen to the privateman. And here’s some more, from you’re other Uncle, the one who farts and doesn’t give a shit, who tells the jokes that make your Mom drop the fucking turkey at Thanksgiving, and buys you beer with the caveat if you fuck up he’ll break his arm off in your mouth. Here’s his supplemental rules:

    1) Meeting people ain’t hard if you realize they’re probably as nervous as you.”where you from?” works great in college, ‘cuz even if they’re a townie you got a start. Think of meeting people as GETTING SOMEONE FAMOUS, ONE PERSON AT A TIME. This is a can’t miss deal-but you let them talk and support what they say. Talk to them like they’re a celebrity; they’re human, you won’t need to be George Clooney. No need to be candy ass. And very very few people are aloof-they’re usually tense because they’re shy. Make them feel famous-and soon you will be.

    2) I know you’re young, and PM’s advice is more in the immediate college scene. Some people make lots of friends-some don’t. I didn’t make lots-but I never lost any. Keep in touch; don’t lose the connection. This not only gets richer and richer over the years it can pay dividends in the premises i e meeting chicks. People know people; remember IT’S A NUMBERS GAME-GET YOUR NUMBERS UP AND CLIMBING! ALWAYS BE CLOSING!

    3) Drink less alcohol than you THINK you need.Stay this side of feeling totally loose-let the room buzz carry you to the “place”. My best friend is an alch and it started ‘cuz he liked to drink to loosen up to prowl, and gradually it got the better of him. This is also useful when you get the real job and go to company parties. Restrain the urge to party hearty-stay in the game.

    4) Remember peoples’ names. It’s a skill and you can only learn it young and you are as young as you’re going to be. i told my son I don’t care if you go to Harvard or Fuqwad State, if you remember names you’ll own a city. I know this is general socializing stuff; it’s a numbers game. I told you that. Pay attention.

    5) Never close in on a chick.Give her her “bubble of protection”-if someone intrudes, and she likes you,she’ll do something about it. Or not. Either way this sends a) a look of confidence b) instills a sense of security-the encounter will be on her terms and she’ll appreciate the gallantry. And she’ll subliminally note both.

    6) That doesn’t mean stand there at attention like reveille. Shift, move ,slide, but all in a plane perpendicular to hers i e use up and dominate YOUR space, not hers. Don’t pantomime-keep it real, but assertive.

    7) Dont’ look at her tit; look her in the eyes. specifically her right one. Studies show this conveys what we are really feeling unlike the left which projects what we want others to believe we are.If she’s pretty focus on he eyebrow so you don’t get too discombobulated looking at her.

    None of this is magic. People like to feel important, talk about themselves because they’re so fucking interesting and, actually, it’s true. Ann rule has made a fortune writing true crime books, but I find the histories of the families she writes about the most fascinating part.

    Don’t be desperate, but your uncles are telling you that this is a primo environment. Relax; don’t let it pressure you. If you focus on making the next person feel like you want their autograph, trust me-it will pay off.

    Your Uncle Tom (and PM) told ya’. Let’s go get a beer.

    • dejour on said:

      Great comment (and great post too!)

    • Hey,
      I am a high school senior who just happened to find this blog post, and I appreciate you trying to help me and other younger people out (even though we are probably not your target audience).

      I worked my ass off in high school, and had no time for fun. While people say I missed out, I got into one of the top colleges in the country, and did not expect it.

      I took a Dale Carnegie public speaking class in this past summer, and I have noticed it has made a lot more people like me. I am very good at remembering names (which tvmunson just recommended), and people like me more. I don’t make fun of guys, I boost up their self-esteem and make them feel good about themselves. I talk to anyone, whether they are the best sports player in my school or the nerdiest kid. I laugh at how much I have changed in the last few years.

      It is a coincidence that you recommended to take a gap year. I want to take a gap year to do self-improvement, travel around the world, learn whatever I want, do more hobbies, and just become an even more overall interesting person. Other people think it is a bad idea, but I think I would love to do what I want to do without my school brainwashing me all of the facts that I will never use in life. Plus I will be a year older and more mature than everyone else.

      I’d like to also note that I will be doing a fraternity when I am in college.

      There are a few problems that I have though. First, I go to an all-guys school now, so I have not had as much experience with girls as other guys. I don’t think this is too much of a problem though, as I have taken the red pill thankfully. Secondly, while I can make great connections at my college because it is prestigious, the ratio of guys to girls is like 70% to 30%, and the girls at a school known for its computer science are usually ugly or fat. I talked to someone who is apart of a frat while I was visiting, and he said that the parties at his frat mainly consist of only chicks from the college.
      There are about 5 colleges (including an all-girls school) nearby, so I am thinking that I want to make connections in as many places as I can. If I bring attractive girls over during parties, for one thing I meet more attractive chicks, and also more people will like me for bringing them.

      I believe that I can have success in college. I don’t do the “just be yourself” and I try to be as charismatic and fun as I can. While I am not a model or anything, I care more about my appearance than the stereotypical nerds.

      It’s funny, my dad told me that having a girlfriend in college is probably the dumbest thing I can do, as my uncle had one for all the years he was at Stanford, and didn’t make any connections with guys. My dad always did the “bros before hoes”, and he even hooked up girls with his guy friends.

      If you have even more advice for me, feel free to tell me. This was a good post (and I like the comment by tvmunson too). All of this advice seems to be on board with what my dad has been telling me to do.

    • It also helps to be that uncle too, it’s a win-win: The older guys get to hang with the younger ones while moving them on from place to place like a tour guide watching the wildlife (and you bet it is … it’s not called the concrete jungle for nothing!)
      1. Have other things going on in your life, so that the girls are not a complete priority.
      2. Don’t worry about “so-called” insulting girls with pointed comments that have no swear words in them, they do much worse among themselves and are only looking to see if you crumble.
      3. Be upfront that you’re after a good time, if they don’t like it they can bounce: I’m sure they’ve done the same thing to quiet guys too
      4. Be ready to move on at a moments’ notice: there is no commitment or exclusive relationship unless both agree.
      5. Be sure to say thank you after every intimate encounter, when they happen. It avoids all the unpleasantness of a false accusation. (Hey, you got to watch out for the people that have sex and later regret it or cheat and then want an out so they spin an elaborate lie to get you in trouble.
      6. No favours for free … if they can’t understand that, they can do their own work themselves (besides that, it could get you expelled from the university).
      7. If they’re not willing to be seen with you in public, you have no reason to be exclusive with them. Part of being in a relationship is being honest with it, to the world too.

  2. sestamibi on said:

    Agree with everything you wrote, especially the hostile environment for forming relationships that is found in the world of work. Feminists want to criminalize any dating initiatives made by betas (which will ultimately result in more widespread violence of both personal and political natures–but that’s for another post).

    The only thing I would add is this advice to the prospective male college student: get as far away from your parents as you possible can. The social skills you learn on your own absolutely MUST be learned during the 18-22 window, and you can’t do this living with your folks and attending a local school or community college. You will have a much harder time catching up in your 20s if you don’t get out on your own before then.

  3. Days of Broken Arrows on said:

    Great, great post!

    I wish someone had given me this advice. I only realized in retrospect how right this is and how many opportunities I passed up thinking “It’ll be easier when I get older — I’ll have money, success etc., then.” Well, I did become successful, but I no longer get to walk out of my dorm room and have half-naked girls right there. Also, it’s no longer the case that if I mess up with one girl, I can just go over to the next door dorm, go to a party and meet 10 more.

    But I want to add something to this post. And even greater opportunity exists when you’re 18-22. The moms of the girls you date. I practically had this stuff handed to me at 19, but walked away thinking “No, no better be moral!” That was bullshit. The older women novelty wears off real quick after college and should be capitalized on while you’re young.

    Opportunities are there for the taking. Just be sure and use protection because marriage and kids is a prison — says the “cool uncle” who never had kids and lives an interesting life.

    • Women only care about success or money _from men they are not attracted to initially_.
      It’s the type of compensation she needs to keep her interested.
      Be cautious around women who talk a lot about “chemistry” and “love at first sight” …
      because they are the ones who have been around the block and are now angling for the highest bidder.

  4. “Fathers seem too cowed to tell the real truth.”

    That may not be necessarily true. My dad, I’m pretty sure, does not at all understand why my mother dated and married him, and is just thrilled that it happened, without giving it much thought. It happened because my dad worked hard, was smart, and got a great job in the late 1950’s in a defense contractor. Smart women in this time who wanted to get married became secretaries in these companies and just waited for the man in the company to ask him out.

    I dont think my dad understands just how much my mom planned his fate to get married and have kids. He probably thinks it was his incredible charm that one her over, and it would have happened if he had a low status job.

    Two points here. One, that when you have a great job, women will find you. Two, many men, like my dad, when it comes to women, are clueless betas and remain so their entire lives. But it is in his interest not to understand why my mom really is with him.

    For many men (like me), its only when you DO NOT have game OR a good job that you really seek to understand the underlying truths of the sexual marketplace.

    Young men. seek to understand, and dont wind up being in your first real relationship with a woman at 27 like happened to me.

  5. beta_plus on said:

    Go to the right school as well. Make sure the ratio of women to men is in your favor and that thos women are physically attractive. Game isn’t goint to be much use if there aren’t that many girls and most of them are fat and ugly. In general, you should aim for a 2nd tier state school that is majority female. You should avoid exclusive and rigorous private universities.

    To give an extreme example, if you’re choice is FSU or Dartmouth, pick FSU.

    I say this from painful experience.

    • Another advantage of a second tier school is that it is lower tuition and you are more likely to have better grades there because there is not as much competition, so you will have a better chance to get into a better grad school.

      Needless to say, if you go to a technology school like Georgia Tech, there are not many women.

  6. How I wish I had read this in 1974. My life would have turned out so differently, by an order of magnitude. It’s a fine service you provide. He who has eyes to see and ears to hear, let him see and hear.

  7. Sincere on said:

    Take heed, youngins. This man speaks Truth. I’ll throw in a few bones for good measure:

    1. Facebook privacy settings. Use them.
    2. Even if you have to skimp on your threads, always get the best sneakers you can afford. Your footwear is the first thing a female notices.
    3. TVMunson mentioned it, and PM alluded to it. And I’ll underscore it – talk to every female in a 50 mile radius. ALL of them. Talk to fat girls, anorexic girls, basketball girls, midgets. Talk to sluts and prudes, nerds and bimbos, models and butterfaces. Talk to girls that might actually be emo dudes in disguise. Talk to them all.

    Do it, damn it. You’ll thank me later, for reasons you’ll find out soon enough.

  8. Make friends with the cool fat chick in one of your classes; she’ll have a dozen hot friends.

  9. Oh, Uncle Ian couldn’t stay out of this.

    First, WCP, welcome to the Manosphere. Have a cigar. You are on your way to a bold new adventure. Pay some fucking attention:

    1. Learn Game. Every nuanced aspect of it from the 16 Rules to Athol Kay’s stuff. Even the ones that don’t appeal to you have something to teach you. If you don’t get laid once your freshman year and spend all that time working on your Game, it will be worth the sacrifice. Trust us.

    2. Figure out RIGHT THE FUCK NOW whether or not you want to be a daddy someday. Seriously. From that decision the rest of your life will flow, so go ahead and make up your mind. If you want kids, then you have one mating strategy. If you don’t, then you have another. I’m not arguing for one or the other, but pick one you’re pretty sure of and proceed accordingly. If you want kids someday, start looking for a wife. It will be years before you find her, but if you don’t know what you’re looking for, you won’t know her when the Fates bring her into your path. If you don’t want kids, go ahead and knock out a vasectomy when your 25 and scrog until your nuts fall off with our blessing.

    3. Deciding you want kids doesn’t mean you can’t get laid. It means you just have to be more aware and conscious of the women you’re bedding. Figure you won’t get married until you’re 28, at the earliest. Figure that you won’t meet your future wife at 25-26. That leaves several good years of quality poon-gathering ahead of you before you settle down. Savor them.

    4. Go Your Own Way. Even if you plan to get married, don’t count your potential wife into your plans. Your attitude should always be “YOU are going to join ME”, not “Let’s have a loving and equal partnership where I fold like a cheap chair every time you rag out.” Accept your own leadership now and develop it, because if you wait until you’re three years into your marriage it will probably be too late. Remember that you are the fucking MAN, and she’s lucky to be with you, and if she doesn’t feel that lucky then there are plenty out there who would.

    5. Cultivate a few female friends/gay friends. They can give you plenty of inside info you wouldn’t normally be privy to. I had a quiet lesbian friend in college (we both were into Doctor Who — it was the 80s) who would regularly let me know which girls in her hall were currently ragging, rutting, or broke up with their boyfriends. She probably got me laid more my freshman year than beer did.

    6. Yes, talk to EVERYONE, especially all women. Girls will fuck on referral, yes they will. Start a Little Black Book on Day One of college, and use it as the resource it is intended to be. Also, get some really, really nice sheets for your bed. There are women out there who will fuck a dude for 700 threadcount sheets. For reals.

    7. Get all of your friends to start reading the Manosphere blogs and books. If we all took the Red Pill, then things would be a damn sight simpler. All you have to do is tell them, “hey, this will get you laid”, and they’ll come running. And a group of guys running Game is often more effective than a lone wolf.

    8. Know your own value. Don’t ever let any woman make you feel less than you are. Don’t let any woman disrespect you. Walk away, call her a bitch, tell her loudly to stop stalking you or you’ll file a restraining order, but DO NOT let them disrespect you. The fact is you are a fucking CATCH, if you are getting a professional degree, and you should know that. Act accordingly.

    9. Cultivate a secure masculinity. Channel Conan (the Barbarian, not The Late Show Host), Sherlock Holmes, Batman or James Bond at need, but walk around like you are a fucking badass, all the time. Invest in good friends of good character, the kind who would help you bury a body at 4 am and not ask stupid questions. The essence of Game is to project confidence with just a tinge of aggression, so becoming securely confident in your masculinity is ideal. Actively learn how to be a man from other men. Find good sources to inform the development of your masculinity. And never diminish the penis.

    10. Try to callously fuck a few feminists while you’re there. It’s very gratifying. Sometimes they’re even decent in bed. But once you’ve been balls-deep in a hardcore feminist, it’s really hard to take them seriously anymore. And they are as susceptible to Game as any other girls. But that’s in your freshman year — by Sophomore year, when you start knowing what you’re doing, start picking up women and then asking if they are feminists. If they say yes, pointedly don’t fuck them, and let everyone else know that they are feminists and therefore not to be taken seriously. If enough of you do it often enough, and it becomes clear that being a feminist won’t get a girl laid, then maybe they’ll stop this silliness. Oh, and talk to Old Married Guys. A lot of us do know what the hell we’re talking about.

    Good luck, young padawan, and may the Force be with you.

    Ian Ironwood
    Professional Pornographer
    And Old Married Guy

  10. This is an absolutely brilliant thread. Props to Private Man, Munson, Ian and others for dropping serious knowledge. I wish I’d have known even half this stuff while I was still in school. A few more tidbits off the top of my head:

    – Avoid building a beta social circle. Nothing kills your game faster than loser friends that aren’t on the same page as you. I hung out with betas in college and they did nothing but drag me down. Don’t be afraid to cut losers out of your social circle.

    – GO OUT AND DO STUFF. Anything. Doesn’t matter how stupid. Learn to do things for the story. When someone asks you “Hey, you wanna do Some Random Activity?” your default answer is “yes.” You’ll meet girls. Hell, maybe that kid asking you to hang out will be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You never know.

    – Caveat: Don’t waste your time and energy with political causes. Be aware of the world around you, but keep in mind that everybody hates those assholes soliciting for the issue du jour. Same goes for religion. If your ass is parked in a church, you aren’t fucking bitches. Well, unless you’re the smart guy that’s blasting through poon while maintaining a faithful facade.

    – Don’t date. Dating is dead. Long live the casual hookup.

    – Lift weights. If you don’t know how, find someone who does and make them teach you, even if you have to pay a personal trainer. Take the yoga classes that your campus offers. Hotties galore, plus you’re getting in shape. Flexibility is just as important in overall fitness as strength.

    – Do something that gets you recognized. Don’t be afraid to be in the spotlight. Start a band. Have hobbies and interests and utilize them in a public venue.

    • “- GO OUT AND DO STUFF. Anything. Doesn’t matter how stupid. Learn to do things for the story. When someone asks you “Hey, you wanna do Some Random Activity?” your default answer is “yes.” You’ll meet girls. Hell, maybe that kid asking you to hang out will be the next Mark Zuckerberg. You never know.”

      True and somewhat cautionary story… Freshman year I had a buddy who was a bit odd. But he was mostly harmless. One afternoon in February, he walks into my room and asks me, “Hey do want to work on an oil rig this summer?”

      As I had already had a shitload of crazy travel adventures during my gap year between high school and college and my default answer to such questions is always yes, of course I said “Yes.” I didn’t really believe him.

      It turns out, he was serious. My buddy and I found ourselves in the United Arabs Emirates as oil rig roustabouts. My buddy lasted two weeks leaving me to fend for myself in the burning sands of Arabia. I toughed it out, made serious money, got in amazing shape, and had some killer stories to tell when I got back to college. Hell, I was on the cover of the student newspaper.

      Stupidly, I had not learned enough Charisma and didn’t cash in on my fame with da ladies. I was still trying to be a NiceGuy. Of course, we didn’t have the ‘Net back then so there was no way understand my stupidity. Well, I still have good stories to tell from that adventure.

  11. flyfreshandyoung on said:

    I’m going to go ahead and slip this under the door-

    Good stuff by everyone here.

    I would emphasize your social circle above all. From a solid crew, much poon will issue forth. Making friends with random people, having a large network of acquiantances, etc..Be outgoing as fuck. To where it gets to the point when you can walk into any given bar and get bro-hugs and high fives from half the people there when you walk in.

    I know it sucks to be told this, but be patient, also. Shit really takes off when you’re an upperclassman (and when you’re 21), but I couldn’t have had half the fun I did without the foundation I built in the years before.

  12. All of the things mentioned here are reinforcing. P Ray’s “having other things in your life” dovetails with my “Relax”,”don’t be desperate” and NUMBERS NUMBERS NUMBERS.

    Now I want to be serious-serious as a vascectomy. I like many of you “didn’t want to have kids”. THIS IS NOT A DECISION NOT TO HAVE KIDS-IT IS A VAGUE PRONOUNCEMENT OF A MISH MASH SENTIMENT. The ONLY ONLY way to DECIDE not to have kids is to have NOT THINK ABOUT a vascetomy. It’s that simple. I would encourage you to give it serious, I goddanit I mean fuck all serious consideration. Probably 75% of the dads I know (including me) thought exactly as you do (I’m being conservative).

    And I’ll tell you this-if freedom is your first priority, then a vas is your first choice. W/o kids, divorce is a numbers game, and if you’re young not much of one usually. With a vas no bitch can blackmail you. Partner of mine had his lover tell him she was pregnant, trying to extort him; he said “Congratulations, tell the dad I’d like a cigar”.

    And you will meet women who will say they don’t want kids. They are not lying. But the Muslims have a saying: ” It is one thing to call for Death, another to see Death coming.” It is one thing to “not want kids”, quite another to realize that, very shortly, you will never, ever, be a mother. As one who experienced this first hand, I’ll tell you the “biological alarm clock” is the most apt metaphor under the sun. Marry a woman who tells you she doesn’t want kids it’s much better than 50/50 she’ll change her mind. Then what?

    I’m not saying not to be a dad. I am saying one of the things you need to be able to do is recognize a situation that calls for a real decision. when you make one.

  13. BTW I didn’ give credit to illustrious Uncle Ian whose #2 started this rant. Ian’s advice. And my expansion of it, are dead on serious.

    Remember too vas is irreversible. I’ve had one; it was easier than having my teeth cleaned. but reversal takes hours, is horrible, and less than 50% chance. Think my young sons think!

  14. Random Angeleno on said:

    Facebook privacy FTW! Yeah!

    My young nephew is one smart kid. Focused on his career, he realized the party pics on his page could hold him back so he purged them all and did a lot of defriending along the way. Upped his privacy settings too. Actually took crap from friends who wondered if he was abandoning them, but he said hey it’s an uncertain world, got to take whatever edge I can get.

  15. Again boys listen to PM. Walk the talk, or shut the fuck up. Don’t fritter away energy. mna up. If you’re not ready for the snip-say so. But know what this implies. You are saying you don’t want kids right now-but you’re leaving the back doot open. (Re: back door: I like the dirt road. One of my girlfriends told her friends I’d fuckedhe rup the ass so often the next shit she took she was going t name after me. However, no kids kid worries back there. Another option.)

    So let’s reduce this. Vas or no vas.
    On the other point, it’s all about numbers. Numbers. Numbers. Don’t give a shit who you are or what you’r doing you can never know too many people.

    And the ugly chick is still part of the numbers strategy. So you got sent to the farm club mid-season; well, she’ll know some major league talent and you’ll get called up. NUMBERS! PEOPLE!PEOPLE! NUMBERS!

  16. Can definitely identify with this post, but more as someone who did well with women in college only to find the same success increasingly difficult to achieve post-college / grad school. Youth, logistics, and curiosity all work to your advantage at this age with women… they haven’t yet developed the 20-point checklist (i.e., chip on the shoulder). Somewhere along the way women switch from a younger mentality of finding reasons to like you towards a hardened, bitter mentality of finding reasons to reject you.

    • The hardened bitter mentality of finding ways to reject you is women’s way of angling for the highest bid.
      In other words, they are hoping that by being nasty they will get the man to move heaven and earth for them.
      They can keep waiting, vr, backpage and drunken hookups are taking them out of the equation.
      Rightly, past a certain age the only thing that a woman can do to make a relationship start and last is to be quick on the sex.
      If she doesn’t commit to a good man early, she pays compensation by giving away samples to get one afterwards.
      Men have choices, women have choices. At least in that the genders are equal 🙂

    • One explanation for this that I find convincing is that college is just a separate kind of social sphere in itself. Being 21, having accomplished things on campus, having a larger social circle, etc. all help to bless seniors with the pick of the campus litter. After you graduate, you’re in a much larger, much less forgiving, much less social atmosphere where you’re bottom on the totem pole.

      For a guy who just started to taste the opportunities when you reach your senior year, that transition is a shock. Now if you do romp through college, you’ll probably come out with better charisma, social skills, etc. that can help quicken the rebound. But always be prepared for the major drop in value once you get that diploma–you’re at the nadir and there’s nowhere to go but up.

  17. DC
    As Mr. Spock would say ” A most curious phenomenon given that in the human species the attractiveness of the female is largely a function of the her apparent ability to reproduce as confirmed by her outward appearance, most notably nubile pert breasts, firm buttocks with sharp demarkation as it approaches the back of the upper thigh, a smooth, wrinkle free and overall glowing complexion, tight pudenda, and other refinements associated in a general fashion with youth. The adoption of a truculent attitude appears to be not only counter-intuitive but indeed on an empirical basis a less than optimal strategy going forward as the mumber of approachees decline corresponding to the overall degradation of the physical specimen in objective albeit somewhat nebulous terms.”

    Or as Mr. Munson: “Are these bitches crazy?”

  18. SUMMARY:

    MEET ‘EM
    PICK ‘EM
    LICK ‘EM
    always be closing; keep your (mental) eye on the prixe as MLK use to say

  19. Hey,
    I appreciate the helpful advice by all of you.
    Taking from these posts my main goals in college are to meet as many people as I can, be likable & charismatic, and experience as many things as I can.
    Just an FYI, I do not want kids (I have never liked kids), and I have never figured out why people like kids so much. Adults always tell me, “Oh you will change when you are older and you will want them!” But I highly doubt that.


  20. Excellent. As a Uni student taking a year off I couldn’t agree more.

  21. WCP

    Ready for a vas? Don’t sound like it. “Highly doubt” means I’m leaving my options open. Leaving options open means it 75% likely you will be dad ( I made that up). look you can say what you want all you want; until the snip, it’s just shit.

    • Munson’s right. Also, good luck getting snipped as a young, childfree man. I couldn’t find a doctor willing to do the procedure when I was in my 20s.

      However, there is the option of saving your sperm with some cryogenic magic at yonder sperm bank. Once your sperm be ensconced in the comforting embrace of liquid nitrogen, go ahead and get that vasectomy. Should you wish for kids change, you’ll have your DNA ready to go!

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