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College Guys – Strike When The Iron Is Hot

A guy has a massively greater amount of social opportunities with women while he is a student than he ever will in the adult world of working for a living. And nobody is willing to tell a guy that when he is 19 or 20. Instead, he gets told, “Don’t worry about not meeting women, you’re young.”

This comment (which I mildly edited) by AnonymousDog was in my previous post, The Perils of Propinquity. He raises an excellent point regarding the default blue pill advice given to young men. That advice is horribly wrong. The world beyond college and university is very different. There are no longer hordes of young women in close physical proximity. There might be many young women at the workplace, but those women are off-limits given the prospects of sexual harassment issues.

There might be opportunities for finding new social circles but it takes more time and effort because colleagues will likely live in different areas. The real world is nothing like college or graduate school. With this in mind, here is some serious Red Pill advice for the college-bound man or the recent arrival to college:

1. Ignore what your mother says in regards to not meeting girls and being young. Ignore anyone who tells you that bullshit. Actually, you should slap them.

2. Learn Charisma. Learn it fast, learn it well. Pay particular attention to your confidence sub-routine.

3. Use every opportunity to be social with diverse people. Hang with frat boys, jocks, nerds, and regular guys. Attend as many parties as you can. This doesn’t mean getting drunk all the time. It means being social and being extremely observant.

4. Find and have a solid crew of guy friends who are good with girls. Do not hang with reserved, anti-social types even if you believe you are one, yourself.

5. Spin plates. Have several girls in social rotation. The ultimate goal is to have several girls in sexual rotation.

6. Stay out of the FriendZone™ unless the girl is willing to hook you up with her single friends.

7. Oneitis is your doom in college. It is the stinking swamp of involuntary celibacy and the burning forest of failed expectations. She’s not that fucking special.

8. Be athletic. The typical college has a good array of options in which to be involved athletically. It’s also good for you body, you beer-swilling baboon.

9. Dress better than all the other dumpy-looking guys on campus.

10. Know your limitations and work on them.

11. Get good grades and study when required. You’re there for an education amongst all the socializing.

12. Should you be a high school fellow (or know someone who is), seriously consider taking a year off before starting college. Work some, adventure some, mature a lot.

Older men have really dropped the ball when giving advice to younger men. Fathers seem too cowed to tell the real truth. Mothers just tell blue pill lies. The advice above is that given by the “cool uncle” who never had kids and who lives an interesting life.

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