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I Have Unleashed Munson

A month or two past, I become familiar with tvmunson, an incredibly prolific commenter on several blogs. He’s at Hooking Up Smart, The Plankton, and some other Manosphere or Manosphere-connected blogs. His comments can be incendiary and calls for him to be put in banned camp have occurred on The Plankton. Frankly, I’m kind of worried that he’ll lose his job and his wife because of the amount of commenting he does. Does Munson even sleep?

OK, I didn’t become familiar with him per se, he found me and then I pretty much introduced him to this part of the interwebz. Go ahead, sue me, I don’t care. Munson is an attorney and he’ll represent me in court. Actually, there are quite a few attorneys in the Manosphere. Why is that?

Munson posts quite often on my blog, too. He’s is a clever fellow with some extraordinary writing skills but not so great with the proofreading or spelling skills. I envision him typing furiously with two fingers, sweat pouring from his brow, typing mistakes left in the dust as he verbally speeds ahead. Several folks have invited him to start his own blog but his technological skills aren’t up to that. Fair enough. Besides, I couldn’t take the competition. Hell, Roissy couldn’t take the competition.

Munson is legit. I’ve actually spoken with him on the phone in my lame attempt to get him to finish his Twitter account. My ignorance about Twitter and his ignorance about the ‘Net made for a ballet of technological leg-amputees. I need to call him back.

Here’s what I recommend – hit my recent blog posts (by two months), hit HUS, and hit Plankton (links above). Display those recent posts and then search for “tvmunson” (his commenting name) to read his stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

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33 thoughts on “I Have Unleashed Munson

  1. “I once hopped on a subway car on a Saturday night. It was a relatively empty car, which is why I went for that one. There was a homeless man fiddling himself in full view of the few remaining passengers. Munson’s posts remind me a lot of him.”

    (Jesus Mahoney)

  2. He’s more likely to lose his job & his wife because of the extreme nature of the comments he makes – not the amount……he’s our very own Travis Bickle

  3. You and your effing missions. Lol.
    Munson’s a good egg.

  4. Yeah.. Tom just has a way with words.. And, he is a helluva nice guy..

    Of course I think JM is also a pretty good guy too.

    Just a generational diff I think. 😉

    Both are very good writers.

  5. susanawalsh on said:

    Munson is a treasure, and despite a rocky start, he now has several devoted fans at HUS. The women love him.

    I particularly enjoyed his evisceration of a certain blowhard pretending to be a lawyer a few weeks ago.

  6. SCENE: An attractive suburban home, somewhere in south Florida. Fashionable but unpretentious, it is late of an evening.

    SETTING: Approaching the home we notice a light on in the back. Here we find theprivateman, a conscientious blogging type who indeed has a site devoted to promoting a certain equity, a balance if you will, in the disharmony of the SMP, which, as he is aware, can be a lonely, baffling, frightening place for young and old, male and female, and the compassionate privateman attempts in his humble way to provide a surcease from the same, a towel for the soap-irritated eyes of the “single searchers”, a balm for their weary souls. That compassion is about to have horrific consequences, not just for him, but for the entire blogosphere, nay the entire world.


    theprivateman is busy typing, dispensing advice and bonhomie in his inimitable way when suddenly the window flies open, a loud crash is heard. Startled, and puzzled, he closes it thinking “Where did such a breeze come from on this otherwise balmy night?” He returns to his desk, but is still distracted when he looks up-and is horrified to see a door has appeared in this very room! The shock knocks him back in his chair, his mind swimming in rank incredulity, his heart pounding in abject horror and disbelief.

    His sits for several minutes, his composure returning as his initial fear gradually is replaced with curiosity. He ventures toward this unexpected renovation. He confirms yes it is a door, rather unremarkable given its dramatic insertion into his privacy. A quotidian doorknob invites his speculation as to what is on the other side. He resolves to find out.

    Cautiously, but with manly brio, he grabs a flashlight, turns the knob, and enters. He is further startled to find a corridor, but by now he’s ready for anything. Well, not quite anything-as he wields the flashlight his knees nearly buckle as he sees A MAN, SHACKLED TO THE WALL! He jumps back as if shoved, his mouth agape; there are no words to express his bewilderment. But theprivateman is stoic, nothing can keep him abashed for long as he inspects this uninvited, and unwanted, intruder/guest.

    Middle-aged, perhaps 60, full head of silver brown hair, stocky, perhaps even corpulent yet there is something that suggests a certain power to him nonetheless. theprivateman addresses him:

    PM: “Who are you, and why have you come here?”

    STRANGER: “I am tvmunson; my friends call me Tom.”

    PM (not wanting to get too familiar): “Well, Munson, what is it you want from me?”

    tv: “Well, a start would be to take these shackles off. Then I’d like some help getting on the ‘net.”

    theprivateman regard these requests somewhat coldly. Whoever put those shackles on had reasons, and PM is not about to cavalierly disregard them, not yet anyway. The internet on the other hand is no big deal; anyone can get on that.

    PM: “I’ll take those off, but you should know I’ve got a 12 gauge alley cleaner close by and will not hesitate to ventilate your liver if it comes to it.”

    tv: “Understood”.

    The shackles are dispatched easily with bolt cutters. PM is surprised to find his intruder is bright, rather engaging. Soon they are making small jokes at each other’s expense the way men do; PM likes him.

    PM: “Now, the ‘net ain’t no thang’ really (PM affecting a drawl not actually Floridian but a nice touch nonetheless). All you do is type in this address, and from my site you’ve got access to pretty much anywhere.”


    PM notices a shift in tone and registers a certain alarm. tv’s eyes have taken on a look, a look that PM recognizes from his boar shooting days in Georgia. That same glint, feral, wildly malevolent, that he had seen on the eyes of those razorback pigs is reflected there. Perhaps sensing this, tv interjects in order to distract:

    “Well, I don’t plan on being here a WHOLE lot. I’m resuming my law practice and my client’s deserve my diligent, undivided focus and attention. But I want to thank you Private Man; I’ll always tell everyone I owe it all to you.”

    With that, tv leaves. As theprivateman watches him he cannot quite shake this ominous, gnawing, growing fear that there will come a time that he will deeply regret having unloosed this presence onto an unsuspecting blogosphere.


  7. Not bad for a “homeless man fiddling himself in full view of the few remaining passengers.” If you want to glimpse my serious side, read my comment on “Martin Luther King”. Our editor was inspired to predict I would be a “legend” following his reading of that. And I’m just getting started. And at home, I’ve got Google Chrome which makes up fro the fact that we don’t have an “edit” button. My spelling and diction is good; my typing is lousy, especially when I’m pissed, and as theprivateman knows, I’m always pissed.

    But note my post above; I think it’s error free.

    And I’ve much to tell you O My Brothers much to tell (ref Alex from “A Clockwork Orange”).

  8. susanawalsh on said:

    And that is why we love Munson.

  9. “Roissy can’t take the competition”- 4 words, and the greatest compliment. Tell Roissy if he ain’t hearing footsteps, he ain’t listening.

    Susan called me a “treasure”; so is she. After my Christmas meltdown (directed at the guy who initiated the “homeless” crack) she was very gracious. She’s class.

  10. If you two geezers to learn how to use The Internets, we can do a session and I’ll teach a class or two. WordPress is pretty easy once you get used to it. Blogger is even easier at the expense of using a weak/glitchy platform that nobody can comment on.

    Munson: Can we expect to see Private Man: The Musical based on the script above???

  11. Cheerful

    You made my day! I was almost to the end of my compliment rush for “best cultural (or was it culture) commentator anywhere”. Dennis Miller eat your heart out!

  12. Bronan dude just looking at your site freaks me out! How do you get all that stuff on there? where do you find it?

    Yes of course-I’m thinking of a “Rocky Horror Picture Show” style deal, me as Dr. Frankenfurter character(eh, dunno’; we need a hot lead to get $ and that ain’t me), you as meat Loaf, Susan as an entirely new character ,”Cheerful Sadist” (I will personally attend to her wardrobe; I mean help design- nothing meretricious intended). We’ll work the rest out.

    I have our first song (as pros we get the songs worked out and then fit the narrative). The song is addressed to a Nazi interloper, he’s inserted to provide dramatic tension:

    (to the tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad” and sung en chorale by the entire cast)

    You are just a crypto-fascist
    All the livelong day
    You are just a crypto-fascist
    You couldn’t scare anybody away
    Listening to your right wing bullshit
    All we do is end up getting bored
    Take your stupid propaganda
    Go swallow a pork sword!

    Well, I ain’t a songwriter so we’ll probably need some help, but I see great things. Don’t know much about Broadway, but I think we need at least 3 good songs and a narrative.There’s dozens of song types there that give you the 8 or so ok songs that carry it. I mean check “Les Mis”-other than “Master of the House”(“Seinfeld”), how many songs in the thing are even average? Plus this sucker will be about ‘net-everyone’s a netter now and if we can get someone say like Bruce Springsteen will be shittin’ in the tall cotton! (ref Gary Gilmore as quoted in Norman Mailer’s “The Executioner’s Song”).


    • When researching new blog posts, I often channel the dreaming dead spirits of elder gods, and request of them, “Dude. Find me some gross picture of a fat bitch.” It’s cost me my soul (and vision) on multiple occasions, but it saves me a trip to Walmart.

      I heartily approve of this song. I’ll begin researching my Loafy role by eating fried twinkies.

  13. To me, Munson at first sounded like a porno-loving, still-owning right wing wacko. Unfotunately, I cant read his screed at work because Im afraid that my co-workers will see “Story of O” or “mechanized dildo” or something like that on my work computer and I will be subsequently fired. Still, lot a good advice through the pornographic imagery and bad spelling.

    I think its great he has been unleashed on “The plankton”. Sort of like Clark Cable as the Northern blockade runner versus Vivien Leigh as the English snob feighning the southern american snob (Plankton). Id like nothing more to see Munson bang Plankton and put the video on you porn. *throws popcorn in mouth*

  14. if ego were dollars tv and susie would be zillionaires

  15. NMH-if there was an edit button there’d be no bad spelling. I’m a good speller, but a poor typist and it takes me a long time to put my stuff up so by the time I get done I’m impatient and want to post and my scan edit always fails.Me-Clark Gable? “Frankly my dear Idon’t give a damn.” BTW Plankton is cool with me; it’s this fi who’s made me her cause celebre’. As for banging Plankton, I’m married, and further from what she herself has said that’d be a tall order.

    Sugar Ray-so I’m egotistical? Wow, yeah, I’ll take that to heart. But what do you care? I mean I’m going to hell because I said “Jesus Fucking Christ”-remember? I mean that pissed you off so much your Christian forbearance was overwhelmed and I got the idea that you actually relished the thought of me roasting away for all eternity. Maybe I got it wrong. Hey I see you’re over at HUS now-scintillating stuff too, the editor’s even noticed you.

    fi for someone who professes profound dislike of me you sure follow me around. Oh by the way no worries about me jumping a plane with a pistol and looking for you in England. You can be irritating at times, but you don’t even approach the level necessary to inspire that.

    Roy-haven’t seen you before. Thanks for chiming in .But don’t be so shy-tell us more.

    • Tv – you know I’d have left you alone if only you hadn’t started passing off your fairystories as truth!! Surely as an attorney you need to be able to separate fact from fiction? I note you have a hard time doing that.While its true I did post an extract of your posting over there, absolutely not one person has defended you. Again you are pretending its just me that thinks you’re a creep when evEn the blokes there have said you’re vile. You know fine well plankton isn’t cool with you and she told you that when she said here she thought you were dignified and your wife was a lucky woman to have you, she was being ironic I.e. Making fun of you. She was laughing at you, as is everyone else when they aren’t being revolted by the things you say about women. Re-read her comments and everyone else’s. And I’m not worried you’ll get on a plane – you can’t with guns – but that again was obviously a joke that you didn’t see. And I suppose I’d never have found here if you hadn’t come across to plankton and suggesting we take a look. You’ve only yourself to blame. Planktons blog has loads more followers, men and women who comment, and actually it’s just much more fun. And balanced. With people who have normal lives. And friends in real life.

      • Sorry I’m going to go away and leave you guys to it. This really isn’t the place for me, and you don’t want me commenting anyway. If you come to Plankton though guys – be nice. Or I’ll be back 🙂

  16. fi
    Fact from fiction?I never said anyone defended me. I did say plankton hasn’t banned me which is true. And yes I did say Ms. P said those things which you note-you say she meant them in jest well so be it-irony does not come across well in print. The point is she said it. Where is the falsehood? You’re resort to the schoolyard “everyone hates you” taunt is pathetic in an adult. BTW how old are you? I’ll be 60. Had a lot of fun. You? You see if you are young why are you posting on plankton-why aren’t you out there shagging as you Brits put it. If not, then of course plankton away. Should I write over there I will write precisely whatever the fuck I want to, and I don’t give a fuck whether you come back or not.

  17. SgrDdyBta on said:

    Actually, there are quite a few attorneys in the Manosphere. Why is that?

    Don’t be coy, it’s not “alpha”. ;’) You KNOW why attorneys are “over-represented” here abouts:

    It’s because no matter what deep emotions you’ve shared with your wifely unit, nor how many chillins you’ve sired and raised with her, nor how humongous a waterfront McMansion you built for her, nor how many expensive vacations you’ve taken her on, nor how many slam-f*cking bone-shaking orgasms you’ve magnanimously provided to her non-reciprocating self… you really do NOT know her, until you finally meet her true id-self in the conference room of HER DIVORCE ATTORNEY! =:O

  18. Oh by the way no worries about me jumping a plane with a pistol and looking for you in England. You can be irritating at times, but you don’t even approach the level necessary to inspire that.


    someone points out your bloated ego and your response is youll jump on a plane with a pistol?

    and you cant even threaten murder properly w/o simultaneously pretending youre not!


    yeah i’m REAL worried about you boyo :O)

    look anytime you want tough guy, just let me know, no need to scour England, i’ll forward my address

  19. Ray

    That remark was in response to fi. She had posted over at the plankton that I was going to jump on a plane and come looking for her with a gun somewhere I guess in London. I was telling her that while she is irritating (most of it over at plankton) she is not even nearly there. I wasn’t referring to you, nor was I making a threat.
    She responded over at plankton that she never was worried because one cannot board a plane with a gun. And so it ended.

    I never said I was going to board a plane with a pistol-she did.

  20. Sugar Ray
    You British? Didn’t pick up on that.

  21. Legion on said:

    “Release the MUNNNSONNNN.”

  22. Love it! Is that a ref to “RELEASE THE KLAGON!!!!”?

  23. i misunderstood, apologies tv

    just in time too! — i’d already begun fight-training, and was almost up to trotting around the entire block w/o a single rest, grr

  24. Sugar Ray
    You British? Didn’t pick up on that.

    no, u.s.

    i do admire some of the brits tho — it’s revealing that a handful of the strongest and brightest anti- New Woman Order activists on the planet are brits

    in any age, there always seem to be a few brits who wont take tyranny, in any form, sitting down

  25. I admire Brits. what happened over at plankton in a nutshell was I was TRYING to explain the problem these gals faced; men around my age (near 60) were : 1) fewer (women outlive men; 2) unavailable -the rich ones want young, and then guys like me.I’ve been married 30 years; if my wife left me or died, I’d no longer have the energy for a realtionship. this got twisted into me saying I only wanted women for sex. I did say that as a man’ lust waned his ability to put up with a woman’s bullshit also faded. Well, I got creamed, fi. I came over here and vented (nastily) and fi posted it over there. What I wrote above was the tail end of a long line of crap. These gals are older, and it’s sort of a sewing circle for them.

    But I agree. Your British male is formidable. Adn we Americans owe a lot of our heritage (physical, cultural and political) to those blokes.

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