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I Have Unleashed Munson

A month or two past, I become familiar with tvmunson, an incredibly prolific commenter on several blogs. He’s at Hooking Up Smart, The Plankton, and some other Manosphere or Manosphere-connected blogs. His comments can be incendiary and calls for him to be put in banned camp have occurred on The Plankton. Frankly, I’m kind of worried that he’ll lose his job and his wife because of the amount of commenting he does. Does Munson even sleep?

OK, I didn’t become familiar with him per se, he found me and then I pretty much introduced him to this part of the interwebz. Go ahead, sue me, I don’t care. Munson is an attorney and he’ll represent me in court. Actually, there are quite a few attorneys in the Manosphere. Why is that?

Munson posts quite often on my blog, too. He’s is a clever fellow with some extraordinary writing skills but not so great with the proofreading or spelling skills. I envision him typing furiously with two fingers, sweat pouring from his brow, typing mistakes left in the dust as he verbally speeds ahead. Several folks have invited him to start his own blog but his technological skills aren’t up to that. Fair enough. Besides, I couldn’t take the competition. Hell, Roissy couldn’t take the competition.

Munson is legit. I’ve actually spoken with him on the phone in my lame attempt to get him to finish his Twitter account. My ignorance about Twitter and his ignorance about the ‘Net made for a ballet of technological leg-amputees. I need to call him back.

Here’s what I recommend – hit my recent blog posts (by two months), hit HUS, and hit Plankton (links above). Display those recent posts and then search for “tvmunson” (his commenting name) to read his stuff. You won’t be disappointed.

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