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Oh Boy – My First Hater!

A classy and sophisticated woman has posted this comment in response to A Woman Who Speaks Her Mind.

Because unlike stoopid wymen, men NEVER, ever make stupid, impulsive statements without backing them up, or curse, or want to have sex for the sake of having sex. Oh I’m sorry, is my cursing causing you to clutch your balls in shock? I’m so fucking sorry. I guess I’m not a real lady and will consequently never find a nice husband because REAL men want ladies who will keep their mouths shut and stay in the fucking kitchen. Whoops, there I fucking go again. Why can’t my weak wemenz brain stop fucking cursing?

She’s got the usual anger.  That’s a sure sign the original point was indeed correct and she simply couldn’t handle the truth. She tossed in the “stay in fucking kitchen” strawman argument and seasoned the whole comment with the F word. Stay classy, cupcake,  and learn the rules of logic and reason. Yes, you are not feminine. Yes, your brain is indeed weak because you responded with anger and without logic and reason.

No, you will find a passive and subservient man to take to the altar. Of course, before that happens, you will be bedded by numerous amused and dominant men who will enjoy the ride and eschew the relationship. You will learn to loathe your passive and subservient husband while pining away for those dominant men you could score in your youth.

I rarely get good hate comments so that one was kind of special to me. It’s also indicative that my blog is reaching into new online readership territory. Sweet. However, I did not approve her comment because that would allow her to post un-moderated comments. It’s my blog, I make the rules. I won’t even bother to read her future comments.

EDIT: Of course I could have given her the worst possible advice to a young woman that would doom her life to unhappiness:

You go, Grrl! Never settle! Your Prince Charming is right around the corner. Wait until he shows up to romantically sweep you away into a life of ease and healthy babies. You’ve got plenty of time because you’ll still be fertile at 50.

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38 thoughts on “Oh Boy – My First Hater!

  1. To the “lady”:
    No, dumbo, real men want fertile ladies who haven’t had vaginoplasty who can carry a child to term without birth defects.
    It’s too bad that you don’t understand that you are even more shallow than men, since I am willing to bet almost every man you have “dated” has been taller than you, and probably richer too. Since you want to be “kept in style”.
    Here’s hoping you get the conditions you deserve, and may many men find relief away from your troublesome hypocritical harpy presence.
    P.S. you become invisible at 35. Have fun now!

  2. As has been said so many times. women insist that a man have a man-card: be confident, assertive, good job, etc, although those things that allow a woman to call a man “masculine.”. Personally, I find this stuff to be very superficial but I realize that if I want any kind of woman in an LTR than I need to put up this superficial front for her entertainment/gina tingle. While a woman insists on this superficiality from a man, a woman still thinks she is entitled to “be herself” and to be loved for the unique person she is, no matter who she is and what she does.

    I think it was Schopehauer who commented that women have4 little sense of fairness/justice. This may explain while feminism, the belief that the feminine must come first, has been so successful with women.

  3. If I were a man, I’d want a woman who could spell. I mean, “stoopid” “wymen” “wemenz” “grrl”?

    She better get back in the kitchen with a dictionary AND a cookbook. And quit waiting for Prince charming. Not going to happen. Be realistic. And men don’t care if you cuss…but you do sound like a dirty sailor riddled with scurvy.

    Disclaimer: I am a woman. I am not a feminist (I like being in the kitchen) and I am in a happy, 3-year relationship with a great man.

  4. PM,
    Sure, she is really angry. But she has a great opportunity to learn something. Direct her to my blog. First off, she has to stop that swearing…it’s gotta go. The rest will follow…


  5. Where’s Sherlock Holmes when you need him?

    How do we solve the question of why ‘this lady’ hasn’t got men lining up to spend their money on her, until she finds her Prince?

  6. Random Angeleno on said:

    Women have many positive attributes. But honor isn’t one of them.

  7. My usual reply to hater is: fuck you.

  8. just visiting on said:

    I suppose it’s the outcome when grace, elegance and charm are considered “dis empowering.”

  9. Nobody “speaks their mind” 100% unless they have Tourette’s or are retarded. Woudl you tell an ugly little girl that she is? Would you ask a poor person how much money they have in the bank? No, we all moderate our comments to avoid inflicting pain or, in some cases, to avoid having it inflicted on us.

    And of course we have the overreading. Suggest that a little deilicacy of speech and manner is attractive in a woman and off these women go: you want them “barefoot, pregnant, naked, breast-feeding one whilst delivering another”, shackled like the protagonist in “O” who had shanks crammed up her rectum in order to stretch her sphincter to allow for “smoother” anal sex and was at all other times dressed so as to allow access to her on several fronts and expected to perform oral sex whenever commanded to, or in some fairy tale setting of perfectly matched china,dinner full on every night with her impeccable in an evening gown, tiara , and drop diamond earrings when all you’ve really asked is she not talk like a longshoreman or scratch at herself like the Alpha female in a harem of silver back gorillas. But these bitches go off. Fuck them. And if one of you is reading this fuck you. I mean go in the kitchen right now and find a suitable implement and impale yourself with it imagining it is the Bishop’s swollen choad or whatever else you need to get a “nut”. Because my dear that is the only way you’ll be getting it, at least on this side of the dirt, and the next time you “get it” it will be an earthworm that has penetrated the collapsed coffin you lie in and has thus entered your putrefactionous nether regions, long since unidentifiable, more muck than flesh as your corporality mulches into the good solid earth and the lucky worm has his fill of what’s left of your miserable revolting cunt.

    Sorry guys; those plankton bitches have really pissed me off. I’m going to call them potato chip women (Brits call them “crisps”): their flimsy, brittle, devoid of nutrients, all due to their status as the very fucking bottom of the SMP only it appears even the bottom feeders don’t want them, they cannot even being tolerated in a mercy fuck, and so they pour forth at the slightest suggestion of anything that they imagine doesn’t fit their paradigm (hard to say what that is). Would that I were a voodoo shaman and could cast a spell over them and while they were under it take some horsehair thread and sew up their twats in the manner of the mouths of shrunken heads, the perforation holes visible right next to the lips (theirs being vertical as opposed to horizontal as on the skulls) with the extra thread hanging down like a tampon string, only black, not green, and thus finish with my hand what nature and (apparenlty) the social milieu has failed to do-put an end to their dreary relentless search for dick on their own terms which the have about as much power to dictate as Hitler would have dictating terms to the Allies on April 20, 1945 (his birthday).

  10. @ Just1

    Calling Sherlock Holmes, but we got Anne Desclos (author of “The Story of ‘O'” under a nom d’ plum).

    • I never knew’d that.

      Read the book (got to it via Chateau Roissy being a reference to it, IIRC), but can’t say I could ‘get’ any of the characters, not something that I’ll be re-reading. I’m not saying pr0n needs great characterisation (LMAO), but some vague humanity in at least some characters is nice.

  11. Random Angeleno on said:

    Found this beauty while browsing profiles today:

    “Fortunately age has tempered my wild nature and moral courage has refined my character and rendered me more virtuous.”

    Definitely not contacting this one.

  12. Random A.: (re: above-profiles quote)

    I am so old, withered and fucked out my dildo disengages its own batteries at the mere sight of entering my almost entirely collapsed pubic orifice.


    (ref realy 80s Porche ad, further ref’d in 1984’s “Risky Business)

  14. This made me el-oh-el. Too funny.

  15. Guess what-they took my entire blog above and posted it on theplankton. Guess I’m hors’ d combat over there.

  16. “Oh Boy — My First Hater!”

    i hated you LONG before any of these bandwagon-jumping, late-arriving Haters ever showed up

    i want my due

    i resent seeing people just roll in and usurp a position i EARNED

  17. Just1

    Set up my grav account. It said the ZZ pic may have ended ? I’ll chase around the ‘net ’til I find you. you cna reach me at

    • gotchya…cheers

    • ‘ended’ – weird?

      In my inebriation (slight but increasing) I probably triggered you getting an email about a password reset – sorry (just ignore it).

      You should be able to
      1) save the ‘ZZ’ pic to your disc/disk on your PC.
      2) choose to upload that image to Gravatar
      3) crop it to the sub-image that you want and voila – “Bob’s your Uncle” (as we actually say over here, if we’re old enough)

      We’ll know that it’s a fait accompli when you stop being a purple whirl here, there and everywhere… 🙂

      I’m off to watch a movie, catch you tomorrow maybe

  18. So Fi from plankton took my rant, or some of it, and posted it over at the plankton. so now they are pushing to ban me, arguing that my insensitivity trumps “free speech”. Never mind that the “speech” they refer to was not made there, but here, and would have been unknown to them but for Fi’s machinations. These women even say the fact that I am considerably more “civilized” at the plankton doesn’t count; they want me banned for what I say anywhere. No wonder we had us a couple of wars with the limeys.

    Fi-why don’t you take this and go running over to tell “teacher” i e Ms.Plankton all about it?

    Maybe she’ll make me stay after school and pound erasers.

  19. Just1

    I saw the movie “O”; I think the lack of sensitivity both in the film and the book may have been a statement. Or it may have been a send-up, like Terry Southern’s “Candy”.

  20. Erica

    As both your smile and comments suggest, a secure woman does not concern herself with proving some vague feminist points concerning deportment. Relaxed as she is in her femininity, she of course wages the real battles on the substantive issues-equal opportunity in education, training, business equal pay for equal work; advancement based on merit, no bullshit flirtations allowed to interfere with workplace obligations and the concomitant obligations of employer and worker that ALL decisions be based on the merits. That sort of thing. Engaging in uncouth practices is not so much beneath her as totally extraneous to her as she sees no contradiction in being feminine AND efficacious in pursuing professional and/or business advancement. Should she decide to “stay at home”, she does so with the knowledge that life is indeed short, that one cannot entirely leave all options open, and that in the end we all need comfort, support, warmth, kindness, sympathy, affection, food; and that is most commonly found “in the kitchen” (your phrase), the heart of every home, its true hearth, where every guest will naturally gravitate to, congregate in.

    Yes my dear you are most decidedly a woman, as God intended them to be and every man aspires to stand beside.

    BTW I clean toilets, and rather well (former janitor), Work is work.

    • tvmunson,

      Thank you. Your comment made my day. And you’re right–work is work. I am impressed by your attitude and your willingness to do what it takes.

      Cheers to you!

  21. Yeah, but she does ‘BITTER’ better than you – and you know it

    lol western females can out-bitter a semi full of limes

    i know when i’ve been surpassed


  22. Well fi if I’m so fucking psycho why doesn’t plankton ban me like you dried up cunts want?

    • She probably will if you post like this on her site. There are plenty of men that post there, and its nice to have them posting too, but no-one wants to read your disrespectful and hate inspired views of women or how you’d like to mutilate them. I’m surprised you can’t see that. You’ve all obviously come across some odd women, or had bad experiences with women, but the same works for women too. That’s life. To hate all women is as ridiculous as us hating all men. And actually going on in this nasty way won’t get you any, and I think that’s what most of you really want. I think there probably is a big cultural difference between british women and american ones – there certainly is between the men – but most of us are normal, sane and pleasant.

    • They’re just a bunch of emo-hippos that want to wallow in victimisation and misery.

      Some bitch neighbour in my past was going through the “I’m invisible” bit (I wish it were true, the old bag), she tried to use me (who was utterly uninterested in her) to get her husband jealous. If he hadn’t been more intelligent than her, I’d have got a fist in the face for nothing (I hadn’t done anything with/to the old munter, so I wasn’t expecting him to start a fight with me).

      She lost the marriage, house and ended up on welfare – no tears from me.

  23. Hey tvmunson – does your wife ever read the stuff you post here ? just wonderin’

  24. The weird thing is why Munson spews all this violent slasher bile about women when he claims to be so happily married for so long? Just don’t get it …

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