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Oh Boy – My First Hater!

A classy and sophisticated woman has posted this comment in response to A Woman Who Speaks Her Mind.

Because unlike stoopid wymen, men NEVER, ever make stupid, impulsive statements without backing them up, or curse, or want to have sex for the sake of having sex. Oh I’m sorry, is my cursing causing you to clutch your balls in shock? I’m so fucking sorry. I guess I’m not a real lady and will consequently never find a nice husband because REAL men want ladies who will keep their mouths shut and stay in the fucking kitchen. Whoops, there I fucking go again. Why can’t my weak wemenz brain stop fucking cursing?

She’s got the usual anger.  That’s a sure sign the original point was indeed correct and she simply couldn’t handle the truth. She tossed in the “stay in fucking kitchen” strawman argument and seasoned the whole comment with the F word. Stay classy, cupcake,  and learn the rules of logic and reason. Yes, you are not feminine. Yes, your brain is indeed weak because you responded with anger and without logic and reason.

No, you will find a passive and subservient man to take to the altar. Of course, before that happens, you will be bedded by numerous amused and dominant men who will enjoy the ride and eschew the relationship. You will learn to loathe your passive and subservient husband while pining away for those dominant men you could score in your youth.

I rarely get good hate comments so that one was kind of special to me. It’s also indicative that my blog is reaching into new online readership territory. Sweet. However, I did not approve her comment because that would allow her to post un-moderated comments. It’s my blog, I make the rules. I won’t even bother to read her future comments.

EDIT: Of course I could have given her the worst possible advice to a young woman that would doom her life to unhappiness:

You go, Grrl! Never settle! Your Prince Charming is right around the corner. Wait until he shows up to romantically sweep you away into a life of ease and healthy babies. You’ve got plenty of time because you’ll still be fertile at 50.

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