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The Zombie Apocalypse – It’s Upon Us!

Zombies are all around us. The shuffling masses of the walking undead are everywhere. They are our co-workers, our friends, even our family. People not in intimate relations are almost all zombies if they are stubbornly single. Men and women alike are mostly zombies. Couples in a bad or mediocre marriage are most certainly zombies. They are the worst of zombies.

Kids aren’t zombies yet but their zombie parents are trying to eat their young brains with bad advice. Parents turn their sons into zombies with the “be nice, be yourself” advice. Daughters are turned into zombies with the advice of “you deserve anything you want“. The mainstream media reinforces zombie behavior with advertising and relationship advice to maintain the zombie-positive status quo.

The zombie apocalypse is the direct result of the incredible persistence of blue pill wisdom. All those zombies look just like the rest of us, it’s only their brains that are affected. That’s evidenced by the fact that only the attitudes of zombies stink, the rest of their bodies look and smell fine.

I won’t be shooting the blue pill zombies in the head. But if given the opportunity, I’d shove a huge Red Pill down their throats and then watch their heads explode with the knowledge and wisdom their puny brains can’t handle. Shit, I’m a Red Pill man and I’m the 1%.


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13 thoughts on “The Zombie Apocalypse – It’s Upon Us!

  1. Chad Daring on said:

    So wait, should I or shouldn’t I go Bruce Campbell on guys holding their girls purse?

  2. Chad Daring on said:

    I’m gonna get this printed on business cards with “You’re being a pussy” on the other side and hand them out to herbs

  3. You and your Zombie shit. Lol. When are you actually getting a gun dammit? And NO you can’t borrow one of mine.

    Nice analogy btw.

  4. flyfreshandyoung on said:

    You do realize that when you try to cram a pill down a zombies throat it will most certainly bite your arm off?

    *food* for thought. hardy har

  5. Easy solution. Get the red pill in suppository form. Lord knows it’s tough to swallow for some folks already.

    • flyfreshandyoung on said:

      Well that’s one solution to not getting your arm bit off.

      But now you’re jamming pills up zombies asses.

      Just can’t win here…

  6. I think most of the zombie affect is 1.) men and women have forgotten how to be sexually attractive to one another, and 2.) women focusing all of their energies on alphas, leaving most men ignored and not giving a shit anymore.

    If women just lost weight and dressed better, if men would just used a little more game and stop playing video games, and if women just realized the alpha they had their eyes on is a waste of time, things would be a lot like….the 1950’s, when men/women paired off and western society was vital.

    Now its full of zombies, who really dont understand why they are lonely, leading quite lives of desperation.

    Speaking of which, there is this woman that works in my dept, who is about 40 I figure…an age adjusted nine. I saw her on the bus this morning really flirting hard with a doctor, when she barely has a word to say to me. Years ago I would have not understand but thanks to the manosphere…………

    • More men using game (or rather, women only responding to men with game) …
      means that other men have to deal with the leftover women by being either bigger gamers or bigger chumps than the one that broke cupcake’s heart.
      Remember that women only responding to men with game, are those that probably delighted in being cruel to or using men without game. Maybe it’s better that she’s alone.
      In the 1950’s men and women paired off more simply because a woman with a past was unacceptable, and men with a future were not considered unattractive.
      Being lonely in a relationship is probably worse … since if she or you cheats … you get to pay for her 🙂

  7. Funny you should post about this today. I did one in a similar vein, sans zombies.

    Executive summary: the Red Pill dudes need to explain to the vast Blue Pill ocean that the Red Pill is the way for them to reclaim their masculinity, and why. They shouldn’t just hammer on them for being Chumps.

    Feel free to comment.

  8. @ Ian
    Some of us were so hopeless that we (I) needed the red pill jammed down our throat, lol. There are none so blind as those who have never used their eyes (apologies: Matrix).


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