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The Zombie Apocalypse – It’s Upon Us!

Zombies are all around us. The shuffling masses of the walking undead are everywhere. They are our co-workers, our friends, even our family. People not in intimate relations are almost all zombies if they are stubbornly single. Men and women alike are mostly zombies. Couples in a bad or mediocre marriage are most certainly zombies. They are the worst of zombies.

Kids aren’t zombies yet but their zombie parents are trying to eat their young brains with bad advice. Parents turn their sons into zombies with the “be nice, be yourself” advice. Daughters are turned into zombies with the advice of “you deserve anything you want“. The mainstream media reinforces zombie behavior with advertising and relationship advice to maintain the zombie-positive status quo.

The zombie apocalypse is the direct result of the incredible persistence of blue pill wisdom. All those zombies look just like the rest of us, it’s only their brains that are affected. That’s evidenced by the fact that only the attitudes of zombies stink, the rest of their bodies look and smell fine.

I won’t be shooting the blue pill zombies in the head. But if given the opportunity, I’d shove a huge Red Pill down their throats and then watch their heads explode with the knowledge and wisdom their puny brains can’t handle. Shit, I’m a Red Pill man and I’m the 1%.

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