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Generic Female Narcissist Blog – LA Edition

Last month I presented the blogs written by women that I follow regularly. Soon after, I presented the train wreck in England and also a caution to men regarding narcissistic female bloggers.

It’s time to dig a little deeper into the self-obsessed thinking of the female blogger. With some help from my blog buddies along with my own research, I have found eight blogs in desperate need of a clue-by-four upside the head. Yes, I know that shouldn’t be giving these women any direct attention and I did promise not to give any link love. I’m weak, sue me.

For now, I’m going to highlight just one. I will deconstruct more when time and motivation permits.

Lennie Ross Writes…

She’s from Los Angeles and she has written a novel, Blow Me. I won’t be reading it or link to it. She has 14 posts on shoes. She mentions Sex and the City way too many times in her many blog posts. I had the sad misfortune of wasting 5 minutes and 44 seconds watching her video instructing me to do something… but I promptly forgot what she was saying because her whiny, nagging voice caused my eardrums to rupture. She’s got lots of videos, each one sounding like a disapproving, middle-aged schoolmarm.

Here’s a great irony for the Manosphere. Lennie has a post about the hamster in the wheel. Sadly, it’s not the legendary Manosphere rationalization hamster. But in reviewing her blog, it might as well be that rationalization hamster because Lennie really doesn’t understand that she must offer something to men before she hits the wall. The wall in Los Angeles is the hardest substance known to man.

Lennie’s reasonably attractive. I guess she has that going for her. Perhaps late 30s, perhaps early 40s… it really doesn’t matter. She’s got copious advice for men (delivered in a nicely annoying tone in her videos) which really doesn’t do much to hide her desperation. But it is telling that a prominent ad on her blog is for

I consulted with my step-brother, a Hollywood writer type guy, and he confirms my suspicion about Lennie. Ms Ross is a generic single woman working in the LA entertainment biz. She’s a clone, a vagina-cog in a vast machine populated by thousands of similar cogs. She will never consider what she has to offer men other than her vagina and her looks. She needs to “date” Tom Leykis. Hilarity will ensue for him, not for her.

I have a certain degree of pity for halfway attractive women over 35 in Los Angeles. The competition must be ferocious.Β  There are so many late teen and early 20s wanna be movie star crumpets moving into town. As men really don’t care so much for a woman’s “achievements”Β  and mostly want a pleasant, happy, attractive young woman to squire about, the “accomplished” woman over 35 has little to offer the confident men with Charisma in the City of Angels. Lennie can still try, however.

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35 thoughts on “Generic Female Narcissist Blog – LA Edition

  1. The Seething Lurker on said:

    “The wall in Los Angeles is the hardest substance known to man. LMFAO!

  2. Dumb fuckin’ whore.

  3. Favorite quote from her blog so far: “It says “I like shopping” and “I’m not cheap”, two important messages to convey to a prospective boyfriend.”

    Her ankles really show her age.

    • Proving once again that men didn’t turn dating into a monetary comparison, women did.
      And if she’s expensive … men should look elsewhere. A relationship where the man depleted his wealth to be with a woman … is a relationship that is unlikely to last, since the woman didn’t think him having any savings was a requirement for the future. And he didn’t think so either (the love of today must take into consideration that things are very different economically for most men, and is a factor in many of their relationships.)


    First of all, let me address the fact that I have no dog in this hunt. My last date was in 1978; there will be no others. I will never seek, nor be sought by anyone. I am trying to be helpful to see of time can be saved and perhaps something approaching candor achieved in these “Looking for Mr. Goodbar” descriptions of who you (ladies) are and what you seek. These are not offered in any particular order.

    1. FAT: If you are fat you can save everyone a lot of trouble by stating so or, better, staying the fuck off the goddamn platform in the first place. Nothing you can say can change it, euphemisms ( I won’t lower myself to write them; you know damn well what I mean) cannot disguise the fact. Address it before you decide to place the missive. Or explicitly set it forth-and attract men eager to prey upon you. Yours is the cry of the wounded bunny rabbit on the arid desert of the SMP; hungry predators await you (at least you’ll have the hunger in common).

    2. SINCERITY, HONESTY AND ALL THAT CLAPTRAP: Do not use these cheap Hallmark tossoffs in some attempt to pierce through the page to your reader. They are trite, and rather stupid. Who is looking for insincerity, falsity? Do you think this makes you sound intense and deep? It makes you sound like every other pathetic bitch on the ‘net. Plus it sounds like you’ve been fucked over, and men (at least men who are not sickos) don’t like sloppy seconds, whether the physical (your dripping pudenda) or emotional (that sort of shit you’ve just written). Write honestly, but don’t say you are “honest” or you’re looking for honesty. Gandhi said be the change; well, be the qualities you assert you have, don’t recite them. Make them apparent through discourse. I’ll give an example (not a great one, maybe not even an average on, but one-below).

    3. DO NOT ASSERT “SPECIAL” QUALITIES: Here’s a classic; “I have a great sense of humor.” I have never met anyone who said so who actually did. Never say you are special; I know you must have read somewhere that it’s putting your best foot forward, but it isn’t. Asserting you possess a quality nearly always implies it is lacking. Saying you are confident usually means you are not; ditto content, assured and everything else. Intelligent people do not say they are intelligent; in fact, people who assert qualities about themselves do so out of insecurity about that quality. Men who are wimps talk tough to get you to believe they are.Rich people never talk about how wealthy they are and are usually the cheapest people you’ll ever meet). Whenever you want to know what a person is insecure about, ask yourself what is the conclusion about him/her they want you to draw for what they are telling you? It’s like getting a map from their own Chamber of Commerce leading you to their insecurities.

    4. FAMILY/FRIENDS: We know they are important to you, and even if they weren’t you’d say so to show some “soft” side. Fuck that.It’s boring, and everyone hates to be bored. Say something like “family is important, except for my worthless uncle, whom I smothered to death with a pillow on a hospital gurney.” At least you’ll stand out, and make the reader perk up a tad.

    5.DOG: If you have a fucking dog, we assume you love it or you’d starve it to death or take to the shelter and let them kill it. Same with ever other pet. Again, as above, shake it up: say “I’m really starting to enjoy my bunny rabbit but frankly, if things don’t get cozier soon, come Easter he’s on the menu.”

    6.”NO GAMES”: If I ever meet the sorry bastard who started this particular quip I’ll show him some games by God, such as “How Do You Like You’re Rolling Balls?” before I castrate him. What in God’s Blessed Name are you trying to say with that? Are you trying to cull the game players out with that one? why don’t you go to the beach and put up a sign that says “SHARKS-DON’T EAT ANYONE HERE!” It’ll work about as well. and if you expect a guy to believe you are not into games because you say you aren’t-well, I’ve got a shark-less ocean beach to sell you.

    There’s more but I’ll never get to it all. And I cannot tell you what to say. But I can suggest (read again suggest-you blog women over read EVERYTHING) A WAY TO SAY IT:

    “I’m a little nervous writing here and trying to meet someone this way. And if you’re reading this you’ve seen a lot of other women write about themselves. I don’t think people can really tell if they are attracted doing that. But I also know I’ve got to risk something to gain anything, and I’m taking this first step. I promise if you take the next one I’ll try my best to keep the awkward low, the laughs high. Let’s not be too serious.We can stay afraid, and alone, or try for more. I say let’s try.”

    Ok it ain’t Emily Dickinson, but I’m a 59 1/2 year man and by my own admission about as warm as a tarantula. You can do better. Do it.

    • Yes, the “no games” remark is common in female internet dating profiles. When I see it, it tells me two things about the female. First, she is kind of stupid because the game playing guy isn’t going to avoid her just because she announces she doesn’t want that kind of guy. Second, it tells me that she has over valued herself and tries to date guys out of her league. She’s announcing she doesn’t want the game playing guy because she had previous experiences with just that kind of guy. He wouldn’t commit to her and played games with her because she was below him and he could do better than her and was just using her for sexual variety. Now she’s angry with him when she should be angry with herself for not being realistic about who she can get for a long term relationship.

      • I think your analysis is dead on. A woman who is getting played likes to imagine the man is playing some kind of “game”; her hope is he really cares about her and has a problem confronting that fact. In “Sex and the City” Big was sitting silently with Carrie and her friends as one of them goes and and on about this guy, what his problem is, what he wants etc i e “games”. Finally, one says to him “What do you think?” He says flatly “He’s just not that into you.” They’re flabbergasted; it was such a hit a movie was made with that title.Many women who have feelings for a man cannot understand how he can be physically into them (sex) but not so much emotionally (your point). And you are right; rather than accept that they are somehow, somewhere deficient (your words were “below”, “better”-probably equates to the sexual attractiveness scale as that’s where men play the “game” in fact, is there any other?) they indulge in the fantasy that he’s into “playing games”. No, bitch, we watch games (football etc.) paly games (pool, frisbee golf etc.) but when it comes to you if we care about you there’ll be no “games” and if we don’t there’ll be essentially one game-getting as much sex as we can out of you with the minimal amount of effort, resources, attention, effort, debate, argument, emotional wrangling, and all the other bullshit as we possibly can and most especially includes an extended discussion with you of “games” because if/when you do figure it out you’ll either withold your pussy entirely or raise the “hell quotient” we have to put up to get it to an unacceptabyl high level, at which point we’ll have to dump you and go look for another bitch who is as easily deluded into thinking that munching your equates to wanitng you to raise our children. Game, set, match.

      • She was probably playing games with other guys in the past, you know
        “My boyfriend is so beastly to me, he doesn’t listen to my emotional needs, but you will, nice guy, because you are such a FRIEND”.
        “I don’t like you in that way” etc. etc.
        So yeah … she got outplayed by a player … and now wants the new guy to pay compensation for her previous bad decisions.

    • Depending on the context, when a woman writes “no games” or words to that effect, it may ALSO be HER way of attempting to signal, that she is not the kind of manipulative B*** that will play “hard to get” or play “jealousy games” with a man ..

      You know the stereotype. The kind of girl who pretty much ruins it for the decent women out there, by jerking guys around and generally being a nuisance.

      That being said – yes, it’s a silly thing to be writing in a profile, since it pretty much states that here is someone who will be easily lead, if you just pretend that you are decent and honest … πŸ˜‰

      PS. and why is it, that 99.9% of the Sex & The Pity viewers out there, dont seem to get the heavy satire and irony I am sure the author of the book on which is was based originally intended ?

      • DC Phil on said:

        I can see some of the satire in the show, but it’s painful to watch most times.

        IMO, Americans are too lazy to think too much when it comes to TV shows and their content. The tendency is to take things at face value, especially if the program shows them a lifestyle to which they can aspire to escape their humdrum life. I confess that I did this when I was younger because I didn’t know any better. Gradually, though, I watched better programming and then did away with the TV altogether, around the time the Net became ascendant.

        I remember, years ago, reading something very interesting about TV programming in the 70s and 80s. In particular, “Police Squad,” one of my fave shows as a kid in the early 80s. I loved the humor, but the show ran for only a small handful of episodes. Years later, around the time “The Naked Gun” appeared, one article in TV Guide featured a critic opining on the reason why the TV show flopped but the movie (and the sequels) were hits. His view: that such humor wasn’t expected in TV (or was too “sophisticated”). With movies, it was okay. Go figure . . .

      • SATC –there is no satire or irony. Its basically a description of a woman’s dream life: to have groovy, fulfilling jobs, to look stylish, and to have as many sex partners as possible until the alpha of her dreams commits to them on her time schedule. No satire at all. It’s really a documentry about what a woman dreams about.

      • SATC –there is no satire or irony. Its basically a description of a woman’s dream life: to have groovy, fulfilling jobs, to look stylish, and to have as many sex partners as possible until the alpha of her dreams commits to them on her time schedule. No satire at all. It’s really a documentry about what a woman dreams about

    • DC Phil on said:

      The “friends and family” bit, and all its variations, is what usually rankles me the most. Initially, I didn’t know why, but after reading all kinds of interpretations, I’ve come up with the following:

      1. “Still, at my age, I’m so slavishly attuned to what my FF say that if you don’t pass their tests, you’re toast!”

      2. “I’m still pining for kids from the ‘right guy,’ but in the meantime, I have my sister’s (or brother’s) nieces and nephews to dote on.”

      (1) reminds me of the time when I was in Korea teaching English. If the typical Korean girl is thinking of marrying a foreigner, the family usually threatens to write her out of existence, usually causing her to step back in line. Most Korean females have no power of their own (until they marry and then rule the roost). It took a special kind of girl to have enough intestinal fortitude to flip the bird to her family and do what she wanted.

      (2) I’ve seen quite frequently. Seems that many women out there have at least one sister and that sister, whether younger or older, has bred. I have one sister, 12 years older than I am, who never had kids and is estranged from the family. So . . . um . . . I can’t relate.

  5. The reason why these women write these blogs is to assert some sort of power over other women and eventually take on the role of Advisor and Alpha Female

    Case in point – Date Me Dc. If you’re not following her on Twitter I highly suggest you do so stat just to watch a hamster in their natural habitat. Here’s a young woman who can not wait to rub in the faces of her followers that she is getting steady male attention. She probably doesn’t even like the guy all that much, but she’ll talk about him as though she does. She’ll even spend New Year’s Eve night not alone with him, but with him and her posse of lonely heart female followers so she can show him off.

    Once the novelty wears thin and people grow tired of her daily humble brags and all the you go grrls stop, she’ll dump him and go back to complaining about how men suck. That will awaken all the betas who follow her and get them to work over time trying to console her. DMDC will get to add a another failed relationship to her resume which will trick the beta females in to thinking she’s desirable and will then follow her. It’s a dysfunctional cycle.

    Women listen to the words and advice of other women who don’t appear to be able to hold on to a man for any reasonable amount of time strictly based on quantity and not quality.

  6. I love how you link to her blog as if we’re all not going to rush over there and leave horrible comments.

  7. just visiting on said:

    Carrie Bradshaw seems to have made an impression on her. Clone is right, even if you meant it in another way.

    • Stupid twats model on each other. What a recipe for disaster.

      • The idea is if women follow the behaviour, mannerisms and habits of the “women in demand” … they will be in demand by men too.
        They’re forgetting the idea that men have their own thoughts about what qualities in a woman they want, depending on whether they consider her for a long-term relationship or not.

  8. I think its interesting how easy it is for almost any woman to get unwarranted sexual validation, like through Internet dating, writing a stupid blog, Twitter, or whatever, yet it is next to impossible for a man to get this level of validation unless he is some kind of nationally famous sports star.

    We really need to generate a meme such that men ignore these internet attention whores. But I dont think that will happen.

  9. Didn’t read most of the entries. Her post on “How to turn off a man”, or something like that, seemed reasonable, except she left out “Write roughly a dozen blog entries about shoes.”

    Where is the one where she has a video giving advice to men?

  10. Apology to Alex above; I scerwed this up. I didn’t know what “wall” is,but reading it I get your intent. My serious bad.

  11. She is going to need much bigger boobs to get the alpha she dreams that will give her the lifestyle she thinks she deserves.

    She’s actually built a lot like my gf.

    • Her body isn’t bad for late 30s-40ish. With bigger boobs, they’ll be sagging more at her age.

      “Blow Me follows the lives of three single women friends living in LA. They are all close to forty and unfulfilled in their lives.”

      Do they have only one template/plot for chick lit creative writing classes and tv/movie script writing school?

      • The other one would be wronged woman pursues vengeance.
        Authors write for their audience. Says a lot about their audience when those are the only 2 tropes that get most women to open their wallets.

  12. Now watch Miss (!) Ross dance a crappy cha-cha while pretending to go down on her much younger instructor (1:30). I definitely get a horny cougar vibe. Probably taken in a mile of cock.

    Im finding her videos very entertaining.

  13. Oh…miss Ross….oh baby…oh….

    Ok, Ill stop.

  14. She’s from Los Angeles and she has written a novel, Blow Me.

    I initially read that as:

    She’s from Los Angeles and she has written a novel. Blow me.

  15. Wow. You know how long it took me to be utterly disgusted by Lennie’s blog? ONE HALF OF ONE GODDAMN SENTENCE. Behold:

    “Well, here I am again, the real Carrie Bradshaw”

    Fucking puke.

  16. Do you know if you are being controlled by a Narcissist?

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