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Generic Female Narcissist Blog – LA Edition

Last month I presented the blogs written by women that I follow regularly. Soon after, I presented the train wreck in England and also a caution to men regarding narcissistic female bloggers.

It’s time to dig a little deeper into the self-obsessed thinking of the female blogger. With some help from my blog buddies along with my own research, I have found eight blogs in desperate need of a clue-by-four upside the head. Yes, I know that shouldn’t be giving these women any direct attention and I did promise not to give any link love. I’m weak, sue me.

For now, I’m going to highlight just one. I will deconstruct more when time and motivation permits.

Lennie Ross Writes…

She’s from Los Angeles and she has written a novel, Blow Me. I won’t be reading it or link to it. She has 14 posts on shoes. She mentions Sex and the City way too many times in her many blog posts. I had the sad misfortune of wasting 5 minutes and 44 seconds watching her video instructing me to do something… but I promptly forgot what she was saying because her whiny, nagging voice caused my eardrums to rupture. She’s got lots of videos, each one sounding like a disapproving, middle-aged schoolmarm.

Here’s a great irony for the Manosphere. Lennie has a post about the hamster in the wheel. Sadly, it’s not the legendary Manosphere rationalization hamster. But in reviewing her blog, it might as well be that rationalization hamster because Lennie really doesn’t understand that she must offer something to men before she hits the wall. The wall in Los Angeles is the hardest substance known to man.

Lennie’s reasonably attractive. I guess she has that going for her. Perhaps late 30s, perhaps early 40s… it really doesn’t matter. She’s got copious advice for men (delivered in a nicely annoying tone in her videos) which really doesn’t do much to hide her desperation. But it is telling that a prominent ad on her blog is for

I consulted with my step-brother, a Hollywood writer type guy, and he confirms my suspicion about Lennie. Ms Ross is a generic single woman working in the LA entertainment biz. She’s a clone, a vagina-cog in a vast machine populated by thousands of similar cogs. She will never consider what she has to offer men other than her vagina and her looks. She needs to “date” Tom Leykis. Hilarity will ensue for him, not for her.

I have a certain degree of pity for halfway attractive women over 35 in Los Angeles. The competition must be ferocious.  There are so many late teen and early 20s wanna be movie star crumpets moving into town. As men really don’t care so much for a woman’s “achievements”  and mostly want a pleasant, happy, attractive young woman to squire about, the “accomplished” woman over 35 has little to offer the confident men with Charisma in the City of Angels. Lennie can still try, however.

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