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Weekend Weirdness – Japan

The weirdest shit always seems to come from Japan. I wish I had a better understanding of the Japanese psyche so I could better grasp just what motivates all this weird shit.

Consider this advertisement from Burger King:

Here’s another one…

Just Google or Youtube “weird Japanese shit”.

As for Japanese pornography, I really don’t even know where to start. I remember seeing a video that featured three men and three women in a boxing ring  with a sizable audience of cheering and enthusiastic men.

The boxing ring participants were mostly naked and engaged in sexual acts including full on penetration. It seemed that the goal of the participants in the boxing ring was to make the women squirt when they climaxed. There was lots of partner switching and yelling in Japanese. I would hardly call it group sex though that’s exactly what it was. The whole video probably lasted eight minutes (lots of video editing, obviously) and while riveting to watch, it oddly didn’t seem sexual despite the large variety of sexual acts recorded on camera (sorry, I can’t find the link).

So, if you think things are weird in the western world, try Japan for some perspective on the weird shit.

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10 thoughts on “Weekend Weirdness – Japan

  1. Here’s a good one:

  2. wingman on said:

    Hi PM, Happy new year. Japan – a place I have traveled to many times in former career, and where I continue to maintain friendships. First, if you are a western male, are remotely tall (over 5′ 6″), have at least some hair, and are ‘friendly’, there is good news. The ordinary dude who gets passed over as a beta in the US becomes an item of wonder in Japan. They love western guys. For a female Japanese office worker, a western boyfriend is a kind of status symbol. What I find interesting about it is that it seems fairly genuine. In other (poorer) parts of Asia the western man represents prosperity and escape. In Japan, which is a wealthy country, western men represent cool and trendy (I know, hard to believe). It’s hard to know what makes Japan so strange to us, but I think it comes back to centuries of isolation, strict homogeneity, and the developing of a culture purely on their own terms. There is much reference to animal powers, spirits and the morphing of it all, which may help explain those ads. My advice to anyone who can afford it: go to Japan. It is one of the most fascinating and fun places you’ll experience, and the food is awesome.

    • DC Phil on said:

      I reference this in my other comment on another post.

      I was in Korea for a time years ago, and encountered a bit of the same thing over there that wingman reports about Japan. Unlike the Japanese, though, the Korean are more emotionally expressive and concerned about material status. Indeed, I’ve heard it said that Korean-American girls can be some of the most stuck-up bitches around, especially out in California. Still, many of the ones over in Korea were hot and liked Western guys. I once dated a girl who in no way wanted to marry a Korean man. She was well-educated, spoke French and English fluently, traveled a bit, and routinely cleaned my apartment after she slept over. She was also very sweet and not full of herself.

      However, the downside of some of these Asian girls (and guys), particularly with Koreans and Japanese, is that the culture infantilizes them. I used to say, in my mid-20s when I was over there, that I got tired of dealing with girls that were 21 and 22 yrs old who acted like they were ten years younger maturity-wise. It’s not entirely their fault since they’re studying like dogs for years in order to get their slots in university. After they get in, then it’s slack-off time while they indulge in things that the average American teenager takes for granted: e.g., getting their first part-time jobs, learning how to drive, and dating.

  3. I have always speculated that because the Japanese are so formal in their daily interactions, customs etc. that when they cut loose, they really want to cut loose. By that I mean in their tv shows, movies etc. In “Lost in Translation” Murray lands on what he thinks will be a talk show; well, the host is a zany, screaming hysterical oddly made up man, and the show is like a child’s show on meth. I have seen clips of actual Japanese shows that were similar. I may be unfair, and even stereotyping, but if any Japanese read this and want to straighten me out please do,

  4. If you think about it, some of the British stuff emulates the Japanese. Monty Python and Benny Hill had some manic nonsense. The French like Jerry Lewis’ movies but I’ve always suspected it’s because it confirms their impression of Americans. I didn’t laugh at his comedy even when I was a kid; making faces, weird talk wasn’t funny. I do like his as an actor; “King of Comedy”, his series on “Wiseguy”.

  5. Someone I knew lived in Japan. he tole me that he was in a restaurant, and one of the waitresses drop her skirt, squatted, and took a dump.

    Into an aquarium, next to the dinner party.

    If there was ever a country that was ripe for Islamic fundamentalist takeover that would not put up a fight, its Japan.

    Probably would be a good place for me to go to find a hot gf, though.

  6. The Japanese are the undisputed world leaders of weird shit.

  7. Senior Manchild on said:

    I found the three videos above to be kinda humorous, does that make me weird?

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