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Weekend Weirdness – Japan

The weirdest shit always seems to come from Japan. I wish I had a better understanding of the Japanese psyche so I could better grasp just what motivates all this weird shit.

Consider this advertisement from Burger King:

Here’s another one…

Just Google or Youtube “weird Japanese shit”.

As for Japanese pornography, I really don’t even know where to start. I remember seeing a video that featured three men and three women in a boxing ring  with a sizable audience of cheering and enthusiastic men.

The boxing ring participants were mostly naked and engaged in sexual acts including full on penetration. It seemed that the goal of the participants in the boxing ring was to make the women squirt when they climaxed. There was lots of partner switching and yelling in Japanese. I would hardly call it group sex though that’s exactly what it was. The whole video probably lasted eight minutes (lots of video editing, obviously) and while riveting to watch, it oddly didn’t seem sexual despite the large variety of sexual acts recorded on camera (sorry, I can’t find the link).

So, if you think things are weird in the western world, try Japan for some perspective on the weird shit.

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