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The Online Dating System, Revisited.

As my blog is getting close to a year old and with over 220 posts so far, it’s again time to remind my readers of older posts that are chock full o’ good info.

My fourth blog post described my systematic approach to online dating. It’s worth a read for guys who find themselves suddenly single and jumping into the online dating scene.

I’ve revised that system here and there but the basics still apply. It’s important to highlight these points:

  • Never wink at a woman (only some online dating websites offer this).
  • Never make a woman a “favorite”. Save that for later to confirm your interest.
  • Turn off the feature where women can see that you’ve viewed her profile. Be mysterious.

There is a very valid reason for all this: Don’t give a woman too much time to reject you.

When you wink, favorite, or noted as viewing her profile, you are giving the woman the advance chance to reject you. Also, you are showing yourself to be a passive pursuer. Online Charisma is different than IRL (In Real Life) Charisma. Online Charisma requires the man to be more direct yet, ironically, still be mysterious.

Winking, favoriting, and visiting is not being direct. Sending a message is being direct. It shows confidence.

You’re welcome.

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