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Weekend Weirdness – More Florida

My local newspaper, The Sun Sentinel, has a sometimes funny and sometimes disturbing news blog feature. The writer of FloriDUH, as its called, collects weird and wacky stories from the Sunshine state and offers them up along with some clever, if sometimes juvenile, commentary.

The blog is only updated when a news story is succulent enough to warrant. Today, for example, the lead story is about a man who attempted to have sex with his roommate’s dog – a Chihuahua mix (the dog, not the roommate). The blog post then has links to seven other stories about Florida folks who are way too intimate with animals.

Another story (with mugshots) features the events on a beach where three older gentlemen were arrested for soliciting and exposing themselves to an undercover detective, a male undercover detective.

The final story example features this attractive fellow:

The story is brief and relevant to the Manosphere because the man in question was on a date when the crime occurred.

If you live in Florida or have an interest in the Sunshine, do check out FloriDUH.

You’re welcome.


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5 thoughts on “Weekend Weirdness – More Florida

  1. Is she going on a second date with that guy? ‘Cause he was “confident”, “goal-oriented” and “got things done”.

  2. Why is the story relevant to the manosphere?

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