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Weekend Wierdness – Florida

Florida is a strange place. If someone asked me ten years ago if I would consider living in Florida, I would stated “fuck no!” Yet here I am, living in southeast Florida for the past eight years. For the last year, I have been living not two blocks from the Atlantic ocean.

There is a news aggregation that covers weird news from around the country ( Florida has it’s own category. That’s quite indicative of the state of affairs here the Sunshine State.

So after checking out the Fark link, you can play this video. Florida is such screwed up place.

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13 thoughts on “Weekend Wierdness – Florida

  1. TPM
    What’s your take on the Dalrock site? I’m tempted to just write them off. The shit there reads like a bunch of metheads, no class. Am I missing something?

    • I like that site! what’re you saying?

      It might be possible for a site to be:
      1) interesting to many people
      2) not really your cup of tea
      at the same time.

      I don’t think that Uncle Elmer posts there either…FWIW

    • Darlock: smart guy, good writer, excellent commentors, but I dont like him because he comes off to me as an elitist snob. At his worst I see him make snide comments to some commentors.

      He is the manosphere demographer.

    • Speaking of that blog, your last comment

      “I’m sorry if you didn’t like the phrase “Jesus fucking Christ” although you quoted it, twice. I note you didn’t mention “Virgin fucking Mary” so you must not be Catholic.”

      had me laughing my arse off.

      Which leads me to ask, when are you starting a blog of your own?

      • Just1X
        Remember-I’m the totally un-tech savvy elder tatesman of the manosphere.As long as I can reach my aprreciative readership, like you, I’m ok with what TPM calls “Munson drivebys”.

      • un-tech savvy?

        You could be right, after all, tpm reckons that you haven’t mastered the ‘paragraph’ yet…

        sorry, couldn’t resist…I feel soooo guilty

  2. Agree about FL being weird. I suspect a part of it is that there is a huge income disparity and age disparity with young immigrants/blacks versus the aging snowbirds. Lots of trailer parks and homeless in FL, but also lots of money on the east coast. Old south north of Gainesville, white middle class, homeless, snowbirds G ville to Ft Lauderdale, and immigrants/blacks/ filthy rich jews south of Ft. Laud. Wow, there is a lot going on there.

    I think Ill remember the most about FL is that G ville was the site of some of the most gruesome serial killing about 10 years ago. The wacko cut off some dudes head and stuck it on a record turntable.

    That’s Florida.

    But still, if offered a job there, I’d probably go. Not so many fat chicks compared to where I live.

  3. “Wierdness”-I like it. It happens when you add phentermine to your 5-hour Energy enhanced Red Bull.

  4. just visiting on said:

    When it hits-40 here, Florida looks pretty darn good. Weirdness and all.

  5. Just1x
    E tu, just1, e tu?

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