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Manage Expectations Early

There are some men with Charisma who are seeking more than just a series brief trysts and assignations with the opposite sex. I fall somewhat into that category. Part of having Charisma is a man’s willingness to manage expectations early if there is the strong possibility of a rather more serious relationship. Blue pill men are just happy to have the attention of a woman, any woman it seems, so they go way too much with the flow and let the woman set the relationship parameters.

Red Pill men know differently. A Red Pill man knows that by framing the relationship on his terms, the woman should be acting in her natural, non-leadership relationship position. The key is the timing and not being a total asshole doing it. As well, set only one expectation per date. If a woman hears a laundry list of your expectations, the date is going to end quickly and badly. As you escalate through your dates, you’re managing your expectations of her at the same time.

Here some easy expectations to set during the dating process. This, of course, assumes that there will be another date.

1st Date – “I’m pretty busy and usually reserve one weekend night for my friends.” You’re not going to get pinned down early. This should be re-inforced as the dating process continues.

2nd Date – “I love the feminine form and clothes that show it off.” This is self explanatory. If she shows up in a sexy outfit for the next date, compliment her, once.

3rd Date – “It’s funny, I’ve never really liked talking on the phone.” You get the idea.

4th Date – “I like having my place to myself sometimes.”

5th Date – “Lingerie looks so sexy on a woman” (even if she’s not wearing anything like that)

By the sixth or seventh date, it can very well be too late to manage her expectations. While it might be obvious to state, it’s important that you know what your expectations of her actually are. Once established, be consistent, too. Such consistency is a hallmark of masculinity and something that she expects from you.

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