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Being Thankful – The Manosphere Way

Never mind friends and family for now. These are the things I’m thankful for from a Manosphere point of view:

  • Evolutionary Psychology – This was a serious worldview shift for me and I’m thankful that this concept is being shared widely.
  • WordPress – Despite some minor glitches here and there, this is an excellent way to blog for free.
  • Anonymity – No comment
  • The Eternal Wisdom of Men – Such wisdom should never be lost and has been instrumental in transforming my life. I am eager to share that wisdom to other men.
  • Femininity – In short supply and therefore quite special when found. It’s worthy of gratitude.
  • Blogs and Forums – Without a venue for which to easily share information, men would be criminally ignorant.
  • The Usual Suspects – You know who you are and I am seriously grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. The evil patriarchy brings serious entertainment and information. Thanks!
  • Online Dating – Without this, my blog would not have been started. Online dating continues to amuse me.
  • My Ugly Dog – Entertainment abounds! I give thanks to Lucy and thanks to that ex-girlfriend who entrusted me to Lucy’s care.
  • The Village – It’s an awesome place and so convenient.
  • Young Male Colleagues – Many are receptive to Red Pill wisdom. I find that very encouraging.
  • The Manosphere – A sometimes a wild and woolly place yet it’s quite comfortable for me.
  • Logic and Reason – Once divorced from the tyranny of emotional reactions, knowing how to use logic and reason is immensely liberating.
  • Twitter – I resisted for a long time. Silly me. Hilarity always ensues.
  • Texting – That, too, I resisted for a long time. Showing Charisma with texting is a blast!

I’m sure my readers can come up with some other cool Manosphere things to be thankful for.

Off to some turkey I go!

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7 thoughts on “Being Thankful – The Manosphere Way


  2. Evolutionary psychology is the reason the manosphere is ensured victory in the long run. ONce the research gets better and better and connected to specific genes feminism is dead and the red pill gets much easier to swallow for people.

  3. LostSailor on said:

    I’m thankful for having my eyes opened again these past few years, and for the manosphere bloggers like TPM for helping with that process. I’m also thankful for poon…

  4. Thanks for this post Private Man. It inspired me to start a blog to benefit other men like you are doing.

  5. good list…
    amen brother

  6. I’m thankful for the NAWALT and psychological beatdowns I and other men received for pointing out that women choose to be with PUAs hence really have no leg to stand on saying they love nice guys (except only after all the not-nice guys were first).
    It’s made replies a lot more entertaining!

  7. I’m thankful you blog and I managed to get in your good graces.

    Stay up.

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