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Being Thankful – The Manosphere Way

Never mind friends and family for now. These are the things I’m thankful for from a Manosphere point of view:

  • Evolutionary Psychology – This was a serious worldview shift for me and I’m thankful that this concept is being shared widely.
  • WordPress – Despite some minor glitches here and there, this is an excellent way to blog for free.
  • Anonymity – No comment
  • The Eternal Wisdom of Men – Such wisdom should never be lost and has been instrumental in transforming my life. I am eager to share that wisdom to other men.
  • Femininity – In short supply and therefore quite special when found. It’s worthy of gratitude.
  • Blogs and Forums – Without a venue for which to easily share information, men would be criminally ignorant.
  • The Usual Suspects – You know who you are and I am seriously grateful for the opportunity to connect with you. The evil patriarchy brings serious entertainment and information. Thanks!
  • Online Dating – Without this, my blog would not have been started. Online dating continues to amuse me.
  • My Ugly Dog – Entertainment abounds! I give thanks to Lucy and thanks to that ex-girlfriend who entrusted me to Lucy’s care.
  • The Village – It’s an awesome place and so convenient.
  • Young Male Colleagues – Many are receptive to Red Pill wisdom. I find that very encouraging.
  • The Manosphere – A sometimes a wild and woolly place yet it’s quite comfortable for me.
  • Logic and Reason – Once divorced from the tyranny of emotional reactions, knowing how to use logic and reason is immensely liberating.
  • Twitter – I resisted for a long time. Silly me. Hilarity always ensues.
  • Texting – That, too, I resisted for a long time. Showing Charisma with texting is a blast!

I’m sure my readers can come up with some other cool Manosphere things to be thankful for.

Off to some turkey I go!

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