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A Woman Who Speaks Her Mind

My neighbor is a somewhat elderly woman. She’s sometimes good company if occasionally batty. She’s fond of saying “I’m a woman who speaks her mind.” She’s certainly correct about that. She’ll say some of the most outrageous and sometimes offensive things. I cut her a lot of slack because of her advancing years. A privilege of old age is to be a pain in the ass.

In my lifetime, I’ve come across plenty of women who speak their minds. This meme is all over online dating profiles with most women boasting of their willingness to speak their minds. I’ve even assembled a handy glossary for such words and phrases.

In reflecting on all these free-speaking women I keep coming back to my neighbor. What a pain in the ass she is. These free-speaking women weren’t speaking freely. They were speaking rudely, unpleasantly, and venomously. They were verbal bullies and degenerate cowards who used the excuse of the strong woman motivator and the defense of just being a woman.

If a man says something nasty and rude, he can be called out on it. But a woman, especially a cowardly one, can fall back on the “never criticize a woman, you sexist pig” or the “how dare you question a woman” defenses. We have a generation of women who misconstrued “you can be anything you want” with “you can say anything you want.” Wrong. Epic fail.

A woman who speaks her mind is simply too lazy emotionally to check herself before uttering something hateful or rude. Having an internal filter is the hallmark of anyone with good character, especially a woman. Double standard? Yes, but no worse than any other. A sweet, pleasant woman doesn’t need to be a plain speaker, she would be able to get her point across even with a healthy dose of verbal restraint.

Woman Up!

Think before you speak. And don’t even get me started on women who curse. The F word is the hallmark of low class.

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33 thoughts on “A Woman Who Speaks Her Mind

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    • Fortunately, my filtration instincts prevent these…these…things… from getting near me often, but there have been one or two who required a verbal correction now and then. An occasional STFU actually seems to get them hot and bothered.

  2. Jack Dublin on said:

    Women who ‘speak their mind’, seem to be the ones who most often demand to be treated as equals. Yet, God forbid they face any consequence from those words, let alone their actions.

    Consider the hell raising for a man slugging a woman who mouthed off vs doing the same to another guy.

    Those with the least self control will find an excuse. Unless they can call it a virtue instead.

  3. It is really two things:

    First, the “woman who speaks her mind” is a woman who does not filter and does not internally challenge her impulses. She says whatever impulsively comes to her mind without regard for its appropriateness or its validity. This just shows someone with an un examined life that they don’t test their impulses.

    Secondly, there is the glorification of the “woman who speaks her mind” that she is in some way a feminist because she “doesn’t care what anyone else thinks”. So she doesn’t care that she can look like a buffoon with what she says and she doesn’t care who she hurts with what she says.

  4. wingman on said:

    Using the F-word is highly correlated to possessing a tramp stamp.

  5. A woman’s profligate use of profanity is a slut tell.

    • Miss_Fu on said:

      Absolutely. I recently took a certification course with a girl with sweet-looking face that cursed like a sailor. She also talked about sex A LOT. I once had lunch with her and her friend before I realized the vulgarity of her character. During the lunch people from other tables were looking over as she described her sexual experiences in graphic detail. I have never been so embarrassed in a restaurant.

      I also remember she said one time to justify her slutiness that “sometimes when you have to f***, you have to f***.”

  6. just visiting on said:

    It’s an over compensation thing.

  7. LostSailor on said:

    I’ve found that calling them on their rudeness often short-circuits them “speaking their mind.”

    The perfect come-back, which I’ve used on several occasions, to the “you can’t handle a strong/intelligent/opinionated woman!” line is “I can deal with strong women just fine, it’s rude women I have a problem with.”

    There seems to be an inverse ratio between feminist beliefs and good manners.

  8. Rejoice in it! It is easy to tell what kind of heart these women have, it is right out in the open. Better than hidden away until you get stabbed in the back because you thought she was better than she really is.

  9. Capt. No-Marriage on said:

    Let’s not forget the old “I’m just blunt and most people can’t handle that” line. Funny how many of these strong and intelligent women work jobs that don’t even require a GED.

  10. toni smith on said:

    Why is the F word spoken by women in anger low class and when
    it is spoken by men ??? It is just a word stupid. It depends on
    why she said it sometimes it is the only work that fits.

  11. toni smith on said:

    Ok our phrase for a male slut is dwd so you go fine dwd

  12. dwd? any relation to DVD?

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  22. There’s no fool like an old fool

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