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Stealth Red Pill Lessons – Weekend Weirdness

I created a fake profile on Plenty of Fish. The persona is “Marcus”, a 53 year old doctor who is 6’2″ tall. He’s divorced, his kids are grown up, he has a dog, and he’s looking for a long term relationship. I found a very good photo of a very attractive middle-aged guy.

For the profile text, I put in this:

The biggest challenge is for women to re-adjust their approach to men. Women usually look for reasons to reject a man. They find the bad things first. This results in a lot of frustrated single women. To start the readjustment, I have this very simple mental exercise:

Every time you see and/or interact with a man, look for something good about him. This includes online dating profiles.

It can be something small.

It can be something big.

It has to be something.

Perhaps you see a sweaty landscaper with stained clothes working hard at his job. What’s good about him? He’s working hard. That’s a very good thing.

Maybe you have a male colleague who is not the most attractive of physical specimens. But you notice that he has a very nice voice and speaks very thoughtfully. Those are two good things.

You meet a man socially who has a very weak chin and terrible fashion sense. Yet you see that he has beautiful eyes, broad shoulders, and a great sense of humor. Wow, three good things!

You see an online dating profile with bad photos. The words, however, are well put together and are quite appealing. Good things, indeed.

This doesn’t mean changing your standards regarding the men you date. It only means noticing the positive elements in men. That’s the exercise. Simple, no?

Do this for a week. After the week passes, ask yourself this question: “Where are all the good men?”

Guess what, you just spent a week seeing them with your own eyes.

Does that sound familiar? It’s from one of my recent blog posts.

Within 15 minutes of creating that profile, it’s received three messages. Wow.

Update (a couple of hours later):

The profile is getting lots of traffic. Many women don’t even bother to read the profile, they just look at the ONE photo and send messages, favorite the profile, initiate chat,  “meet me”, etc.  I just want them to read the words. I might have to kill the profile.

Update, Day 2

I don’t know if I should laugh or cry. The profile has gotten dozens of views and messages. The vast majority of women have “Hi” as their subject line when sending a message. I suspect that fewer than 20% actually read the profile. Quite a few women are those who I messaged with my real profile and who then gave the real me the “read, deleted” treatment.

The profile now has 47 incoming messages. Amazing.

Update Day 2, evening…

The profile is getting more traffic… up to 60 incoming messages, maybe more. And many women want to chat with me.

Update Day 3, morning…

Marcus is a real hit with the ladies. Some of the incoming emails clearly show that many of these women are not reading the profile. One woman even accused me of being bitter. I guess my advice hit close to home with her and so she lashed out. Oh well.

In the weirdest twist, Nebraska lady (she friend-zoned me) messaged the fake profile with a long description of her actual dates with me, the real life Private Man, and how I screwed up.

Update Day 3, evening

150 incoming communications and counting. I haven’t bothered to read all the messages because they are all basically the same. I also realized that I put $150K+ (annually) for an income level. This changes the auto-match algorithms that PoF uses, hence the the matches I have not seen with my real profile.

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32 thoughts on “Stealth Red Pill Lessons – Weekend Weirdness

  1. Nothing makes women appreciate what they have …
    more than knowing what they threw away to pay for a ride on the carousel.

  2. Professor Beta on said:

    I want to play devil’s advocate. Did the messages you receive respond positively to your words? I imagine that part of the attraction was to a tall, good-looking, medical doctor. Those three factors alone would attract a lot of attention, regardless of your narrative. Also, new profiles garner more attention and unsolicited correspondence than old ones.

    Were the messages from women you would want to date?

    • It’s a bit early to tell. But I will say that the response has been overwhelming. So many “meet me” and favorites…

      Most of the women seem quite reasonable and yes, I would date them.

      The point of this exercise is two-fold:

      1. To spread the word about finding the good in men.
      2. To determine just what women respond to.

      So far, it’s the photo. This doesn’t surprise me.

  3. Advertisers know what they’re about. You need the photo and background to get them to read the profile in the first place, so it’d be tough to separate the two.

    Still, the post works great as a profile. Reveals nothing about you (maintains mystery), sounds hopeful and touchy-feely, is unique, and even if they fail to use it elsewhere, they’ll use it with the profile in question. It literally creates a conversational frame out of whole cloth for the rest of the profile.

  4. They look at the picture. They look at the job. They look at the location and then ping. This is no different than the methodology that men use in selecting which women to ping.

  5. johnnymilfquest on said:

    As a form of propaganda, this is genius.

    Also, from an anecdotal perspective its interesting to see what a man’s “limiting factors” are in terms of success with women.

    Women can be receptive to Red Pill messages when they emanate from good-looking doctors.

    But what about an ugly doctor? Or a handsome unemployed graduate?

    Those are experiments for other men to try in different localities.

    For me, the limiting factors were location (small town at the time) and occupation (the lack thereof).

    So I lied about my job and widened my searches. Bingo!

    This was a little surprising to me as I previously assumed that looks (I’m ugly) and rusty Game (beta reflexes die hard) were responsible.

  6. Did u get that pic from a Levitra ad? 😉

  7. just visiting on said:

    There was a profile on POF a few months ago that cracked me up. I’m pretty sure it was a joke, but the way it was written, you couldn’t be sure. The man was fairly attractive, and had a few photos up. One showing him pushing an empty shopping cart. He’d put down bottle picker as his career. Another picture showed him shooting a rifle. (Seemed a little too muscular to be a starving bottle picker.) I’d be curious to know what kind of responses he got.

  8. AnonymousDog on said:

    If you ever go to the POF forums, there are a number of threads in which women complain about how men message them without reading their profiles.

  9. Lol good exercise Private Man.

    I’ve heard of guys who made fake-female profiles for research purposes.

    I guess your exercise was another variation of the same thing.

    I’m on POF too so I might actual try this out to see the response(if any).

  10. wingman on said:

    How to attract women you yourself are attracted to – that is the question. (Forget to be or not to be).

    You have just come across the hyper-reality of dating – it’s a winner-take-all world based on looks and income. Nothing shocking with that. The bad news is, most bros are painfully reminded every day of not being among the winners. The good news is, deciding to do something about it can yield a lot of improvement. Thanks to your blog and others, many dudes are on their way.

  11. Perhaps a bait and switch tactic than. Use a fake profile to get them hooked and than switch to the real profile.

    I wonder what the effective guys lines were on the fake accounts. There had to be a few.

  12. Phoenix on said:

    What did the Nebraska girl say about the real you? How did you screw up???

    You probably didn’t do so bad – she’s just picky as fuck.

  13. Has Pluto Girl messaged your fake profile yet? Even Size 14 entitlement princesses think they deserve an alpha.

    • I think Pluto Girl has lost interest in the Manosphere.

      • Plutogirl has spent enough time orbiting your Manosphere to recognize that your planet has no intelligent life. Dr. Oz did a show yesterday about people who bully women about their size, and correctly attributed that bullying to a sense of personal inadequacy by the bullies. You are no more the “deciders” of “reality” than is anyone else. You’re reality is hereby rejected. I’m taking off at warp speed in my less than size 14 Starfleet uniform; there are enough people online who recognize my beauty and intelligence and know that Schmate Middletown will never be one-hundredth of the princess I am. Sayonara.

      • Looking Glass on said:

        I’m not sure who wrote the troll post, but I lol’d hard.

  14. What’s the age profile of “Marcus”‘s fans? Any notable regularities as to them?

    • Yes… all in their 40s or 50s. Most are professional women, a few obvious gold-diggers. I actually feel kind of bad for the unattractive ones.

      • Blissex on said:

        In their 40s I can still understand, but in their 50s going after a same-age prospect? Not unexpected though.

        Also, what kind of percentage of the “unattractive” ones?

  15. HR Lincoln on said:

    Great stuff, PM.

    I’m no longer in the dating market, but did my share of internet dating in recent years. If you want to have some fun, try posting your own regular profile in another town where no one knows you, change just one variable, and not the differences in the responses you get.

    I posted my own charming profile in a different metro area in a different state, only instead of showing a height of 5’8″, which I am, I tried 6’0″. WOW. Probably 8x the winks and messages.

    In my hometown, I had been telling the truth about my income, which was +150k. I suspect a large proportion of the responders were golddiggers. When I left the income blank, traffic came to a halt.

  16. I recognized the guy in the profile pictures from Home Trust’s careers website. A friend of mine works there. How did a guy who did a piece for a Canadian trust company end up in your fake profile?

    You can see him in the 2nd row here,doing his best corporate happy face (or maybe purposefully overdoing it .

    I’m quite sure that’s him.

  17. And they say women aren’t superficial at all…

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  19. Private Man,

    I thought of an experiment. Create a profile about an ex-con, out of the pen, seen the light and making good in his life now, or at least trying to. Use a picture of a man about the same attractiveness level as your doctor profile.

    I bet the inbox of the ex-con gets full of e-mails from the hottest sluts on POF and lonely housewives looking to jump ship quicker than you can say bang.

  20. Chris is my hero!

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