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Mining The Comments For Gold

Every now and again, an old post gets an hilarious comment. These two (scroll down or click here and here) popped up yesterday despite the original post being months old. The girl who posted them (same author) is a walking cliché right down to admitting being an entitlement princess.

The comments have it all (in no particular order):

  • Rationalization hamster frenzy
  • Empowered and fulfilling singlehood
  • Political correctness
  • Shaming language
  • Self-pedastalization
  • Never settling
  • Projection
  • Attention whoring
  • Snowflaking
  • Logical fallacies out the wazoo

It’s like these comments were generated by a software program. Enter the politically correct and feminist-oriented memes, set the language and personality parameters, click the Create button, and out comes a fresh comment for posting on a blog like mine.

How do these people find me?

Read and be amused:

First Comment

Neither my youth nor my beauty are gone; in fact, they’re better than they ever were, and I was born in the mid-1960s. Not a single wrinkle on my face, and the way I’m avoiding the sun, there aren’t likely to be any anytime soon.You are promoting a load of crap because you want to be the one with the power. What you don’t get is that power has nothing to do with gender. It comes from within. A powerful person is someone whose happiness and sense of meaning are not dependent on another person or being in a relationship. And not everything is about biology and fertility. As a free spirit, I don’t want kids. I love being the kids, and I have no intention of changing that.

And what’s with all this “waiting for death” nonsense? I’m working on careers in acting and writing; I’ve recently started pursuing astronomy as a serious interest, and I’ve got more exciting irons in the fire creatively than I can count. So yes, I am and am proud to be, an entitlement princess. I deserve a prince. I don’t need to settle. I can happily be single for life and never run out of joyous things to do. That means I can say no to plenty of guys who want to put me down and tell me I need to settle, that my beauty is fading, etc. The result is the “leverage” they think they have isn’t there.

Your whole “big flip” fiction is that you want women to be needy, to be so desperate for a relationship they’ll fawn all over you. What you can’t stand is that for many of us, a relationship might be cool, but our lives are no less full without one. I have every advantage in this world, and I look to my future as a six-year-old would, with every possible door and opportunity open to me. And why shouldn’t I, when lifespans on both sides of my family routinely go well into the 90s?

Second Comment:

“At our age???” You are obsessed with age, plain and simple.

To some of us, age literally means nothing. Zero. Zip. Nada.

I’m single because I want to be, because I love it. I don’t particularly want a partner. If a guy is going to even have a chance with me, the burden is on him to show why I need him at all. And if he plays the age card, well, that’s why God invented doors.

As an astronomer, I would rather spend my nights with a telescope seeking to discover a new planet than with some desperate guy.

All that beer is a turn off too. You should really consider going to AA.

Fish. Barrel. Gun. I’ve bold faced the fun bits.

To the commenter, Plutogirl:

You’re in the Manosphere now. It’s a place where men share truths about gender behavior and ignore the political correctness. We’ve pulled back the curtain to see the social pathologies that girls like you are encouraging. We simply laugh, hoist our beer, and sing a jolly tune to honor spinsterhood and the sad decline of our society.

And given all your clichés, we’ve switched to champagne and we’re all pretty drunk. You’re an astronomer? Good for you. Go make us a sammich.

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