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A Warning For Christian Men

Dalrock has been posting a great deal regarding the misconception that a Christian woman of faith is somehow a different type of woman who is of higher character and less prone to instavorce because of free-floating unhappiness.

In his latest post, he has some excellent observations regarding Christian churches and how marriage is approached. For example:

Attending a church which is soft on divorce puts a man’s marriage (and therefore his children) at risk.

This is strong stuff. Dalrock is thorough and thoughtful with his conclusions. Protestant churches must be much tougher on divorce if they believe in the sanctity of marriage.

Go read his latest (and long), post on this topic. Read his other posts on the same topic.

Tell your friends.

For the women reading this post, Woman Up!


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11 thoughts on “A Warning For Christian Men

  1. I may be totally off her,but I find it’s a grand misconception that a woman of the church is somehow better more prone to be faithful that women who don’t go to church.
    I might be off here,but…

  2. H/T Phil Samson (

    “There are three types of women in the church:

    1. Reformed hard core party girl whores with a past that would make your eyes cross: 20%
    2. Decent women who are not in any way, shape or form different than girls outside of the church other than their rationalization hamster can quote scripture: 75%
    3. Social retards or ugly girls who don’t fit in out in the real world, so they find a place at church: 5%

    Type 3 stands out like a sore thumb, but you can’t tell the difference between types 1 and 2 and that should scare the piss out men. You have the same chance of pulling a “good girl” out of a bar on Friday night at 1:45 a.m. as you do pulling one out of a sanctuary on Sunday at 11:45 a.m.”

    I’d say that’s about right with a little variation among the percentage distributions. And I’ve been attending church as one of the faithful since I was about 6 years old.

    I noticed this years ago as a high schooler: There is really no difference between a Christian girl and her secular sisters when it comes to dating, relationships and marriage. Christian women are just as susceptible to hypergamy and all the other deleterious conduct.

    The point is that we Christian men are lied to and told that our “sisters in Christ” are different, when in fact they are not at all different. We’re told to pedestal Christian women. Men are instructed that Christian women are special, holy, set apart, “God’s daughters”, exempt from hypergamy and sinful lusts, and that they are somehow “better” marriage material. It’s a fraud that continues to be perpetrated in churches everywhere.

  3. Jack Dublin on said:

    Being a Christian, I have found church to be a place to meet the best and, in the form of entitlement, the worst women.

    Some of them seem to be of the mind that, since God looks at the heart, They should expect men to look only at how Christ-like they are. It is, to them ,totally okay to be both very low on the SMP and have incredibly high standards. I can think of other problems but this one is pretty bad.

    It’s like the religious version of fat chicks with those pants that say ‘hot stuff’ or something on the ass.

  4. Thanks for helping get the word out Private Man!

  5. No rings for sluts!

  6. So, the majority of these women are in fact decent women…so what’s the complaint? Spending time with any woman should alert you to her ‘type’. Unless she is very skilled at pretending. Whaich is unusual for most women. I understand the warning, though. I sympathise with those fooled by deceptive/bad women.

    • Most women are very skilled at pretending.
      A girl I had a chance to observe,
      Spent time helping the old folks, donating money to children’s charities … and getting blind drunk, dancing with feather boas and going through 5 boyfriends in 2 years … while practicing relational aggression against guys.
      Deceptive or bad women … become better the more experience they get.
      She was 21.
      That’s why the older a woman is, the more prepared for games a man has to be. She’s had plenty of practice and time to assess what works and doesn’t … and knows how to lie best. ‘Cause these are also the women with LOTS of female friends.

  7. Thank the Goddess I’m Pagan. Not that Pagan chicks are necessarily any saner than any other religion (the reverse is likely true) but the anti-sex bias in Christianity is one of the reasons I left the religion. When sex is considered a sacrament and not a sin, the spiritual rules change.

    I dated Christian girls, once upon a time before Mrs. Ironwood. The only difference I saw in the church-goers (Protestant) was that they had a side order of guilt with their sex. But something else I noted was that the closer to ovulation they got, the less churchy they got, too.

    • SgrDdyBta on said:

      “… something else I noted was that the closer to ovulation they got, the less churchy they got, too.”

      That thar’s some funny shyt, an’ I don’t care if’n ya are the preacher’s daughter!

  8. I had previously read some decent posts on that site mentioned here, but (I’m not one to slam other blogs) he had a confusing post recently where he lured people in from other popular game blogs and then was anti-game in the post saying that Games-men/Alpha men were evil and should be shamed and this set off my radar (to begin I thought it was being sarcastic until further inspection showed that was his belief) and I will never go to that blog again. I’m sure that he being married (and maybe jealous) would call the author of this blog names for being divorced and gaming women, so I can no longer trust that subtle anti-game blog.
    @Ian, The same with me. I was a virgin until my late 30’s because I was messed up by christian churches. When I finally stopped going to church and learned about game is when I was set free and I am much happier now.

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