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Boobs – Weekend Weirdness

I found this on Jest.

It’s a video showing a Russian guy feeling the boobs of 1,000 women. It’s work safe and not at all sexy. But there are lots of very attractive Russian girls. The fun starts after the introduction showing Putin.

I like Russians.

That guy has some serious Charisma to get away with that.

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5 thoughts on “Boobs – Weekend Weirdness

  1. Phoenix on said:

    Haha. The funny thing is …

    After I saw this video a few weeks ago, I’ve been able to feel women’s boobs up alot more, without giving a shit about it.

    I’ve only done it with girls in my social circle though. If I break the ice with random women for 3-5 minutes, I bet I can get away with cupping her breasts. If she’s receptive and likes my attention.

  2. Dirt Man on said:

    Nice. I’d say #26 is my vote for GIMLTF (Girl I’d Most Like To Fuck) in this set, or possibly #45 or #188, it’s a hard call. (They go by to fast.)

    I think #37 looks like the easiest bang of them all.

    #200 looks like a vampire.

    I only made it to #250 though, there are just too many, gotta get back to work. Love that this guy did this. Can’t imagine getting american girls to do it unless they were drunk, and then they’d probably sue you without a model release signed.

    • Dirt Man on said:

      Maybe I should have made that GIMF (Girl I’d Most like to Fuck)?

      or maybe BIMB (Babe I’d Most like to Bang),

      or maybe BIMBO (Babe I’d Most like to Bang Outdoors?)

      At this point I’m just being ridiculous.

  3. I love how most of the girls are totally expressionless.

  4. Thomas V. Munson on said:

    The reaction of feigned surprise/outrage by a number of these gals suggests he used some type of intro to get them to do this. Their pantomimes are very similar.

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