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The Accidental Entertainer – Don’t Be Him

Women hate being bored. They hate boredom almost as much as they hate beta NiceGuys™. This goes doubly for young women enthralled with the freedoms of post college/university and prior to baby rabies. This cohort of women is seeking constant entertainment through socializing, shopping, concerts, alpha cock, etc. There is no downtime for these sassy young things because downtime might result in that dreaded boredom. Queue the scary music: Dum dum…. DUM!!!!

A fellow with Charisma must be aware of this so he can avoid becoming the accidental entertainer. This is when a girl is paying attention to him merely because she’s being entertained. There is no attraction to the guy, there is just some girl who doesn’t want to be bored and is presented with a funny and interesting guy who can help her kill some time.

This is strongly related to the “Dance, monkey, dance” concept that has sometimes (not enough) been raised in Manosphere, PUA blogs. Keeping a girl entertained does not necessarily mean she’s attracted to the entertainer. It helps, to be sure. But a constant stream of words just to keep her entertained is a supplicating thing to do. Yes, she’ll tell all her friends about the really funny or interesting guy she met and yes, she’ll likely enjoy being in the accidental entertainer’s company. Just know that she will always think of him as the entertainer and nothing more. Being the accidental entertainer is often as sexless and intimacy-free as the FriendZone™.

A man with Charisma will know to throttle back on the entertainment and shift over to confident aloofness. This sends the strong message to the girl(s) in question that the man is not simply about cheap and convenient entertainment.

In the presence of women, a man shouldn’t be a wretched clown all the time. It’s demeaning to the man and sets him up to be the accidental entertainer.

Here’s the biggest challenge to men learning Charisma – that confident aloofness must be a completely natural expression and not done as a step from some instruction manual. What the anti-gamers have rightfully pointed out is that when something regarding Charisma doesn’t come across as completely natural, it becomes an awkward choreography of feigned dominance that ultimately comes across as devastating supplication. In other words, “pussy-begging”.

PUt directly, a man has to work on himself before he can go forth into the dark, savage lands of the modern, feminine landscape.

And for you dames…Woman Up!

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