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For Guys Over 40, An Amazing Strategy To Meet Single Women

I’ve been chatting online with Danny quite a bit recently. He’s a natural at Charisma and for this, I give serious respect. He recently revealed to me quite an amazing strategy for meeting single moms. Yes, I know, single moms are not suposed to be proper targets for men with Charisma. Yet, after a certain age, that’s the majority of available women.

Danny recommends that a single guy with Charisma attend youth sporting events.

My first response to his suggestion was immediate dismissal.

“I don’t want to be thought of as a pedophile.” I thought I had a valid point. Danny had an adriot response.

“Get yourself a father as a wingman.”

This had not occurred to me. Hey, I am childfree by choice. Regardless, having a dad as a wingman is brilliant.

This approach gets somewhat complicated and is not a quick solution to meeting single women. Bear with me:

1. Find youth sports events. Check out local school websites or local youth sports leagues for local games.

2. Attend a game. Here is the key and it’s incredibly important – befriend a father who is attending the game. “Which one is yours?” Mention your own kids or neices/nephews who are into the same thing. Do NOT immediately mention the many single moms (without wedding rings) who are also attending the game.

3. Talk up your kids and/or nieces and nephews a lot and also mention your status as a single man. A good wingman, even if an unknowing one, will remember you and can do much for marketing you.

4. Leave the game with the dad’s email address and be sure to follow up with him. He’s your damned wingman! If he’s a good wingman, he will mention you to the single women who are also into the same youth sporting league and activities.

5. Attend other games and make sure your wingman is there.

6. Start talking about the single women you see. If your wingman is any good, he’ll take it from there by providing introductions and some righteously good propaganda about you.

7. Go on dates.

Some important follow up tips:

These women are NOT for hump and dumps. Don’t burn bridges. Consider the four week fling, instead.

Have some decent social skills. Seriously.

The suburbs are great for this.

This is not a young man’s strategy.

Danny says “you’re welcome”.


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6 thoughts on “For Guys Over 40, An Amazing Strategy To Meet Single Women

  1. Jester on said:

    I go to my nephews baseball and hockey games quite a bit and Danny is spot on. My main issue is my brother is neither competent or smart enough to use as a wingman. (socially stupid, but a genius on paper) Quite a few good looking 35-45 moms kicking around… many sans rings.
    I did make a point of talking to one of the moms (Kim), who was married, but it wasn’t my intent to pick-up with her. My sis-in-law mentioned to her that I lived in Australia and she was looking for travel info. After a bit of chit-chat (work, life, etc), SHE was introducing me to all the moms from their team. lol
    Whether or not these women found me attractive was irrelevant… As in sales, I had a foot in the door from a trusted source… My wingman was Kim… even if she didn’t know it. (btw she was pretty hot too lol)
    A few weeks later I went to another game and spoke with Kim again, she started introducing me to women she knew on the other team! (Often kids have friends on other teams) Later that afternoon she asked if I was seeing anyone. When I told her no, she said, “Really? I know everyone… Maybe we can change that” Apparently, I not only had a wingwoman, but I also had a very enthusiastic cheer squad too.
    A word of caution… Dating more than one mom on a team (even if at different times) can be an issue if there are any hard feelings. Don’t forget that women TALK… A LOT! You can look like a villain real fast if you play this wrong!

  2. lol.

    it’s really surreal reading this remembering the conversation so well.

    this is DEFINITELY not the place to be a Lothario. this is a one woman at a time deal. also, be sure to have dad let you know which ones should be avoided.

  3. Looking Glass on said:

    Parents spend most of the time at the events talking to each other. So information gets around REALLY fast. But, yeah, especially in the suburbs, there’d be a whole lot of potential options.

    And, yes, there’ll be plenty of potential wingmen and wingwomen around to help.

  4. sestamibi on said:

    I don’t know about that. If I were one of the dads being recruited to be a wingman, I think I’d be damn suspicious of the intentions of some single guy I didn’t know who just happened to be attending such an event with no particular reason to be there.

    That’s not to say it’s a bad idea. Just do it with a dad you already know who is involved in such activities who can introduce you to the single moms present–if that’s what you really want.

  5. great stuff here

  6. SgrDdyBta on said:

    Being PM’s age (and locale) myself, it’s hard to avoid/ignore this cohort, but… a healthy dose of Dalrock is in order. Remember, these are most likely the kind of blindly self-centered “EPL” feminazis who DAMAGED THEIR OWN CHILDREN, by instavorcing THE FATHER, typically for frivolous reasons, with the usual financial rape thrown in.

    But yeah, if she can get through a whole date w/out trashing her ex, then lighting each others’ fires for 1-3 months often works out. Longer than that, and I’ve found the Vagosphere starts whispering in her ear that YOU should pay to put another man’s kids through private school/college. Mr. Bill! =:O

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