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Weather Shift – Weekend Weirdness

Living in a subtropical environment means being hot and humid most of the year. It’s bearable and a damned sight better than scraping a car windshield to remove ice for six months out of the year.

The first cold front of the season has recently swept through. After four days of miserable rain and wind, the past several days have been spectacular. Highs in the 70s and low humidity. People are venturing outdoors once again and the locals are beginning to speculate about “season”. That’s when all the snowbirds and visitors return to crowd the streets and fill the bank accounts of local merchants. I’ve stopped running my AC and have all the windows open. It’s great.

There is also a personality shift here in the Village. People are more outgoing and friendly. More locals find themselves outside (no humidity!) and are willing to chat and be friendly. It’s like the end of winter and the snow has melted. Yeah, our social seasons are reversed.

As for some updates, remember the dog-walking woman? I ran into her again today. She’s 51 years old and an emotional basket case. Lots of medication for her emotional state, huge amounts of emotional baggage, and she’s “involved” with a guy in her small apartment building. There shall be little, if any, texting with her even though she is attractive and slender. Them’s the breaks.

Also, there is a nice blow-up over at A Voice For Men. It’s worth a read.


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3 thoughts on “Weather Shift – Weekend Weirdness

  1. Mayhem on said:

    What made you realize about that woman she was emotionally unstable?

  2. Jester on said:

    If you see my mom and dad (Snowbirds extreme) go say hi for me… Fair warning though, my mom WILL force you to go shopping for jeans… Not sure what that’s all about. lol

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