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Women, Words, Actions, Research

As a massive consumer of blogs and comments, what I find buried in comments or in the actual post sometimes requires highlighting in a big way. To wit, this is from Hooking Up Smart. Where in Susan’s copious blog, I don’t exactly remember.

Game [Charisma] acknowledges that women often say and do different things. Indeed, in studies women have claimed that certain kinds of sexual content arouse them, while other kinds do not. Attaching sensors to women’s labia, researchers observed considerable blood flow to women’s genitals while watching the porn they claimed to dislike. As I highlight in the post, female sexuality is extremely complex, and women often do not understand their own motivations. As Ogas [from the book, A Billion Wicked Thoughts] says, nearly every female brain is wired to respond to dominance. That does not mean pushed around, but women reward men who take control and lead them. When women have control over their men, they lose respect and all sexual attraction. In fact, women “fitness test” men regularly, just to make sure they’ll push back and respect themselves. Men who cave in to female whims always lose in the end.

While the book that the quote references is not without controversy, it should be a very worthy read for any student or practitioner of Charisma. This includes myself. I am way behind in my reading. The Red Queen was my last book read on this subject.

In the context of women desiring dominance, the shit testing makes perfect sense. If a man doesn’t have the backbone to stand up to a woman, why should he be worthy of respect and the accompanying sexual expressions of affection? After all, the most important word in a man’s vocabulary is “no“.

The bottom line is to never mind the words, always look at the actions. This cannot be overstated when dealing with women. The social expectation and the biological imperative are so amazingly divergent that any man with Charisma should simply ignore at least 80% of what women say in regarding to dating and the attractiveness of men. Men must observe very carefully what women do.

It takes a long time to learn the skills of successful woman-watching, sometimes years (as was in my case). It also requires deprogramming from horrible advice. Thankfully, this gives a man time to work on his inner Charisma so that when he fully digests the Red Pill, he can deal with women far more successfully, regardless of his relationship goals.

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3 thoughts on “Women, Words, Actions, Research

  1. i’ve made the comparison to shit-tests as a woman seeking to test a man’s dominance. it’s true. fail enough and she’s going to drain you then break up with you.

  2. just visiting on said:

    It’s probably connected to protection/provider instincts. Timid hunters have skinny kids.

  3. the same on said:

    Women just are disrespectful creatures. The man also test woman, and we should. The problem is that women don’t know when to stop the “tests” and the test to find the best fitted candidate becomes a disrespectful game, and we men should think about about it as a war, a psychological warfare.

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