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Halloween Charisma

Note: I’m going to back away from the word Game and start replacing it with the word Charisma (with an uppercase C). After all, what better personality characteristic can a man have or learn?

Halloween is great for a man with Charisma. Women are dressed like sluts, alcohol runs freely, and the relative anonymity of costumes means a man can be far more outgoing socially. Hell, with a couple of masks, a man can take on brand new identities and work the ladies hard with some righteous Charisma. Halloween fun is also ageless.  A middle age woman can dress like a hooker and a young man can dress in drag.

Wingman posted a comment requesting some tips for running Charisma during the Halloween season. After consulting with the collective wisdom of the Manosphere, I’ve assembled some excellent tips and general advice.

Your Costume (I’ve edited some great advice from Simon and others):

Pimp – always a classic and you can use this approach: “I’m going to make some serious money from you, but first I have to check out the goods.” The cane and an exaggerated swagger are mandatory.

Sexy Guy – If you’ve got the body, show lots of skin. A man with Charisma has the confidence to show lots of skin. The Egyptian pharaoh is a great one because you’re basically shirtless and wearing what looks like is a skirt. “Got anything on  underneath that skirt?” Let ’em check but that it will cost them a serious kiss.

Scotsman – So you’re not so sexy in the body. Go for the Angus McGregor approach. The dames will be curious about what you’ve got under your kilt. Go all out and assemble a giant fake cock (made with a pantyhose leg and some stuffing. Let a few inches of the fake cock stick out from under your kilt.

Flasher – Ratty sneakers, pork pie hat, dirty t-shirt, and a big overcoat. The punchline is the huge fake cock (see above) that’s revealed when the coat is opened. Wear boxer shorts or something, obviously. Guys with Charisma will know exactly what to say when the shock  has worn off.

Facebook – This one is brilliant. It requires a very large piece of cardboard that represents the Facebook page. Cut a hole in the top of the cardboard where you can stick your face through.  Have a sharpie on a string so women can write their names and comments on your “Facebook Wall”. If you go through the effort to make the cardboard more closely resemble the Facebook page, you get extra bonus points along with all the phone numbers and names written on your cardboard Wall. However, this one might get way overplayed this year amongst the younger folks.

As for approaching, don’t be afraid to tease a woman’s costume. If she’s got a costume and is not wearing a mask. “Great costume but the mask needs some work.” Then wink at her. If she’s wearing a hooker or witch outfit, “Hey, you’re dressed up just like my ex-wife!” If she’s wearing a really obvious costume that’s not a cop/fireman, tell her she’s the worst cop/fireman you’ve ever seen.

Seriously, what’s not to love about Halloween?

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